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Worktable Wednesday

I started my day off by addressing and stamping around 300 postcards as part of my holiday mailing. I am sooo thankful that stamps are self-adhesive! This is the front of my postcard: I love the image - my hubby took the picture. He's a fantastic photographer. If you're not already on

Book Arts Improv delay

I'm sorry for the delay in posting the last book and the grand prize winner for the Improv. My sweet dog was hit by a car yesterday and broke his leg. They think he might also have a spine injury. We have to bring him to Boston for an MRI because they

Letterpress Fail

I've been working on a new line of photo albums for...wait for it...dogs. Not for actual dogs, but for their owners. Dogs don't take pictures - that's just silly. And yes, I'm well aware that I'm working on this project now because I have my own dog. My own super-awesome, rocking Wiggum. The

Worktable Wednesday

My daily routine includes taking Wiggum for an extended walk behind my house. Our house is backed by over 50 acres of conservation land - no one can develop there and we consider ourselves lucky. There are wooded paths and streams...everything a puppy would love to explore. Now that the snow

Whiney Wednesday

I've been sick for 4.5 weeks. I have the cough that won't die. :( Coincidentally, my dog has been sick too. One of the wonderful [insert sarcasm] benefits of living in the House of Sick is that I have a number of blog posts that are half-written. I start a post, I

Book Arts Improv Book #4 delay

I can't believe I have to admit that another Improv book will be delayed. :( I am sick as a dog. Well, maybe not a dog because Wiggum seems to be feeling fine. I suck at taking care of myself, so it's no surprise that I've felt crappy for a week. I've

From dogged to dog

At this time of year, I usually enter a period of why didn't you get that done self-criticism. I've tried to stay positive, focusing on the good things I accomplished in that year. This year has been different. I started to ruminate about all the blog posts I never wrote, the opportunities

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