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Vermont is open for business!

I'm sure you've heard by now that Vermont was hit hard by Tropical Storm Irene. The damage is devastating and it will take time for both people and businesses to recover. The good news is that the people of Vermont have stepped up to volunteer their help with the cleanup. I'm

Worktable Wednesday

I spent time today volunteering in Montpelier, where Tropical Storm Irene had caused flooding in a number of downtown businesses. It was heartbreaking to hear Kismet's owner talk about how her restaurant had flooded three times in the last eight months. I'm hoping that she meets her goal of reopening this

I’m okay…

If you haven't heard, there was this little thing called Irene that blew through the eastern United States yesterday. Unfortunately, Vermont got hammered. I got most of my updates on Facebook as friends reported what was happening in their area. The city of Montpelier (my hometown) did a great job of

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