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Working working working…

Somehow a week has passed since my last post. Meh.Holidays love to throw a monkey wrench into things. And usually I like monkeys.I've been busy working on my sister-in-law's wedding invitations. As I'm sure many of you can relate, they are taking much longer to complete than I had anticipated.To

Last minute deals

So I'm really trying to be good. REALLY. Dangit - why do I keep getting Emails about end-of-year sales? Well, maybe some of your got cash for the holidays instead of fudge. Volcano Arts is having a progressive sale through tomorrow, December 31st. If you've never heard of Volcano

Supplier Rave – Paper Mojo

I.love.Paper.Mojo. Let's get the obvious out of the way - how could one not like a business that uses the word mojo in their name?There's a lot to like about Paper Mojo:They have a great selection of some of the most fun papers I've encountered. And I've encountered a lot

Upcoming sale at Hiromi Paper

I'm supposed to be shopping for others right now and not myself. Unfortunately, there's no ignoring the 20th anniversary sale that's around the corner at Hiromi Paper. Hiromi Paper carries a wonderful variety of Japanese papers and bookcloths. Starting on December 1st and running through December 20th, the sale offers 20%

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