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Worktable Wednesday

Today was another of my not-so-fun, running around like a crazy person, appointment days. Luckily, I was able to squeeze in a shopping trip. My friend Nancy has told me multiple times to go to Hides Pride in Essex Junction, Vermont - she praises their selection of leather. So I trot myself

New class in the works

Now that my craft shows are done, I can shift my focus towards next year. I've wanted to develop a new bookbinding class for Studio Place Arts (SPA), so I spent the last 2 days working on prototypes. The workshop will focus on 3-section leather bindings requiring no adhesives. I had

Worktable Wednesday

Today I prepped for the second session of my Travel Companion Journal class at Studio Place Arts. Last week my students worked on the covers and today they'll be learning the double needle Coptic stitch. Here's the demo book I've been creating in class - I love the brightly colored threads

Worktable Wednesday

I started the day by working on an Etsy order for five small Yellow Calendula photo albums. I already had two albums in stock, so I only had to make three more. The covers are now safely tucked away in the press. I spent a chunk of the afternoon packing a box

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