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Trip to Japantown

After visiting the American Bookbinders Museum, we headed over to Japantown. Most Japanese immigrants to the United States arrived via San Francisco.According to Wikipedia, there used to be 43 distinct Japantowns in California, but that number has dwindled down to three. In addition to San Francisco, you can find Japantowns in both San

Trip to Taurus Bookbindery

The Guild of Bookworkers is presenting their annual event, The Seminar on Standards of Excellence in Hand Bookbinding, in San Francisco starting today. As my trip to Taurus Bookbindery was one of the stops on my bookbinding spree in San Francisco this summer, I felt it necessary to finally write

Trip to Kozo Arts

Another stop on my bookbinding-focused trip to San Francisco was Kozo Arts. I have been aware of Kozo Arts for a while now, but never thought I'd actually get to visit their shop.While creating my vacation itinerary, I planned to make a rather serious paper purchase while at the store.

Trip to Kinokuniya

I'm back from my summer vacation. I've spent the past couple of days cursing my Email, snail mail, and voice mail. All mail can just die. I'm so happy to be home!As I mentioned in my last post about my bookbinding-focused trip to San Francisco, June 5th was set to

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