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Paper and Book Intensive 2017

The Paper and Book Intensive just published their course descriptions for 2017 and the classes look amazing.The three that interest me most are all taking place during the second session, which means that they're all running at the same time. Which means that if I go, I can only pick one of

Second toroidal book panel – done!

Yeeeeeeehaw!Today I completed the second (and final) panel in my toroidal book. Can you tell I'm excited?Similarly to the first panel, I started my creative process by reviewing my notes from a workshop with Bonnie Stahlecker – An Artist’s Approach to Emboss­ing Leather for Books. For the date in question, I found multiple instances of the

Islamic binding – sorta done!

Today I tackled another project that I've been putting off - fixing an Islamic binding from a workshop with Yasmeen Kahn at the 2013 Paper and Book Intensive. I did complete another, more traditional-looking binding during the workshop - you can read about it in this post.This second binding has

PBI 2016 lineup

The Paper and Book Intensive recently announced their instructors for 2016. Workshop descriptions won't be available until later in the year, but that won't stop me from drooling over what I know now.Here's the list of instructors:Ses­sion 1: Frank BrannonJulie ChenGeorgia DealJames Reid-CunninghamJoyce TetaSes­sion II: Anne HillamCraig JensenAimee LeeGay­lord SchanilecSarah

Paper and Book Intensive 2015

The Paper and Book Intensive recently announced their lineup for 2015. Unfortunately, I can't attend because it overlaps with Memorial Day Weekend, which is when I participate in Open Studio Weekend. Sadness. Luckily, there is nothing to stop me from drooling over the offerings. Seriously, I'm going to need a sponge. Here

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