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Cut sheets calculator

Update 10/15/18: Sadly, Paper Mojo has closed its web doors. I have removed links in this post that are no longer valid. The link to the calculator is still working as of today.I just discovered the most awesome resource!I was checking out the newest papers at Paper Mojo when I

Halloween in Vermont

I seem to be on a lucky streak. Earlier this week, I won the 2010 BEST Zombie Award. Then I won the contest on Dennis Yuen's blog! Entrants had to create something Halloween-inspired, using paper no larger than 8.5" x 11". The winner would receive a $50.00 gift certificate from Paper Mojo. Yeah,

Supplier Rave – Paper Mojo

I.love.Paper.Mojo. Let's get the obvious out of the way - how could one not like a business that uses the word mojo in their name?There's a lot to like about Paper Mojo:They have a great selection of some of the most fun papers I've encountered. And I've encountered a lot

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