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Worktable Wednesday

I finally made choices on the closures for two of my leather journals. I referred to my Pinterest board of closures while making my choices. Here's where I started today (the usual mess): I tried to choose closures that echoed the stitching method used on the book. For the longstitch book, I

Worktable Wednesday

I'm teaching a leather journal workshop in February and have almost completed my sample books. Unfortunately, I can't seem to make up my mind about what types of closures to use. I spent time today doing research on closure options and created a Pinterest board (Bookbinding Closures) of what I found. You

The Nelson

My father-in-law asked me for a journal that he could give to one of his friends as a holiday gift. He explained that his friend was getting into stand up comedy and that the journal could be useful for writing his material. Of course, I agreed. As I went through my

New class in the works

Now that my craft shows are done, I can shift my focus towards next year. I've wanted to develop a new bookbinding class for Studio Place Arts (SPA), so I spent the last 2 days working on prototypes. The workshop will focus on 3-section leather bindings requiring no adhesives. I had

Islamic Bookbinding with Katherine Beaty

The third presentation I attended (on day 2) at the Guild of Book Workers 2011 Seminar on Standards of Excellence in Hand Bookbinding was Katherine Beaty's Islamic Bookbinding. Katherine is my kind of presenter - intelligent, detail-oriented, and very thorough. Seriously, she's wicked smaht. She explained Islamic bindings can be identified by their

Why me? Wednesday

At first, it seemed as though it wouldn't be that hard to rebuild my desktop after it had a virus kablooie. I did a system restore, which cleaned everything up and kept my files intact. Having to reinstall all of the software was a pain, but I was handling it well. Then

It’s my 3-year blogiversary!

Actually, yesterday was my 3-year blogiversary. Tardy slip for me. I'm still excited - I'm three! I'm three! It seems that the traditional gift for a third anniversary is leather, so I'm going to do a leathery giveaway. The winner of the giveaway will win one of my Budgie Grabby Journals. As you

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