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(Another) Trip to Langdell Paper

The last stop on my recent 24 hour book arts tour was The Paper Room (a.k.a. Richard Langdell) in Lebanon, NH.If you've followed my work for a while, you probably already know that I've been working with Richard's paper forever. I just love it. It looks good, it feels good,

A fond farewell to Langdell Paper

I received a letter today that contained the news that I had hoped I'd never read: As of July 25, 2010 Richard Langdell no longer operates Langdell Paper. I.am.heartbroken. I have used Langdell Paper since I started making books - it's like the paper grew up with me. I'm really feeling a profound sense

Elissa’s Super Happy Paper Fix

Oh baby, I finally got my paper fix. I have been craving paper for weeks and sadly, haven't acted on it until today.Earlier this afternoon, I took a trip out to East Topsham, VT to visit Langdell Paper. Driving out to Richard Langdell's studio is quite tricky and my usual

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