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Second toroidal book panel – done!

Yeeeeeeehaw!Today I completed the second (and final) panel in my toroidal book. Can you tell I'm excited?Similarly to the first panel, I started my creative process by reviewing my notes from a workshop with Bonnie Stahlecker – An Artist’s Approach to Emboss­ing Leather for Books. For the date in question, I found multiple instances of the

Ken Leslie’s Gold Dome Cycle

Last week I attended the opening for Ken Leslie's Gold Dome Cycle at the Vermont Supreme Court. I was particularly interested in seeing the exhibit because I'm taking a workshop with Ken at the Paper and Book Intensive in May - he'll be teaching how to make his toroidal (a.k.a. doughnut-shaped) book

Paper and Book Intensive 2014

The Paper and Book Intensive is trying to kill me. After I took way too many classes this year, I swore that I wouldn't take any in 2014. Then on November 1st, PBI had to go and announce next year's workshops. I hate you. I love you. Check out some of these book-related

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