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Japanese Bookbinding at SPA

This past weekend I taught the first of two new workshops that are debuting this month at Studio Place Arts - Japanese Bookbinding. It almost didn't run because early on, there weren't enough folks signed up. Then next thing you know, it's full and there's a wait list. Go figure!I had a

Worktable Wednesday

Today I worked on a couple of projects. The first was to finish a photo album that I started back in September. The customer printed out pages with photos from her daughter's wedding and had them cut and scored, ready for binding. Here's a picture of the finished photo album: I was

How Chiyogami is made

When I show my work at craft shows, I use a number of signs in my booth to give folks information about one thing or another. I have a selection of books that are made with Chiyogami paper (a.k.a. Yuzen), which is silk screened by hand in Japan and I

Worktable Wednesday

  Today I finished up seven chopstick journals that have been sitting in my studio, unfinished, for several months. Those covers were just taunting me from my shelves - Hey lady, make us into books! I feel much better now. I need to get the green journal on Etsy. I have to

Worktable Wednesday

Custom order day! As I mentioned in this post, some customers brought me a pair of their chopsticks to incorporate into my Purple Plum Blossom journal. They're really beautiful.    They look great with the cover paper - they pick up on the green in the leaves. All packed up and ready

No longer a Gocco newbie!

Almost 2.5 years ago, I bought a Gocco machine. For those of you who don't know what a Gocco is, you can read more about it on the Save Gocco website. I can now declare that I have successfully completed my first print run! Yes, you read that right. It took me

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