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Block Printed Journal workshop

Earlier this week, I taught a two-day workshop at Studio Place Arts - The Block Printed Journal. Students carved their own stamps, block printed papers, and then used those papers in creating handbound journals. I had a wonderful group of students who created equally wonderful work.I love love love carving

Worktable Wednesday

At this time, I'm a bit stumped for a storyline for this week's Improv book. I'm not too worried because it's still early in the week. I decided to start off by carving a rubber stamp of a porcupine. This was a fun stamp to work on, although it had a

Worktable Wednesday

I have to admit that I'm pretty darn stumped with this week's combination of creative inspirations. I've done some research (mostly on Godzilla) and pinned some things to my Improv Pinterest board, but nothing seems to be gelling yet. Okay, so maybe I do have the spark of something, but it

Mixed Media Cards Marathon

Yesterday I taught a Mixed Media Cards Marathon class at Studio Place Arts in Barre, VT. I had a wonderfully enthusiastic group of five women who joined me on an adventure through a number of mixed media techniques. I don't think we had room at the table for more than

Worktable Wednesday

Today I started working on this week's Improv book. I know that the theme will center around the ginkgo tree, but I'm not sure what the text will be yet. I created a Pinterest board to document my inspirations thus far. My first idea was to try some cut paper work,

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