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1,000 Etsy sales!

Check out what snuck up on me the other day. I logged into my Etsy shop and found this message in my sidebar:I couldn't believe it. Then I visited my shop and saw this:So there you have it - I've joined the 1,000 Sales Club. Which I just made up. Yay

Worktable Wednesday

Today I completed a custom wedding guest book that I started last week. I never bound one of my guest books using 1.5" ribbon - I usually use a 1/4" ribbon. I was concerned that the thicker ribbon would overwhelm the design, but I was pleased to be proven wrong. I love the

Worktable Wednesday

I just finished a dream custom order - five guest books for Cabot Cheese! In case you're new here, I love cheese. Seriously. I.love.cheese. I'm sure you can imagine my complete and total bliss when I was contacted by Cabot. The guest books were gifts for retiring employees. These folks had ties

Worktable Wednesday

Something that not many people know is that I make guest books. I've been making them for a while, but it's usually for custom orders. I've decided that it's time to change that. The idea was put in motion by Artisans Hand Craft Gallery's upcoming show, The Wedding Show. The gallery sent

Be our guest, be our guest (book)

My brother-in-law is getting married this weekend and I just finished the guest book. Nothing like waiting until the last minute. I gave my future sister-in-law the guest book as a gift for her bridal shower. I used the same paper for the cover as I did for their wedding invitations.

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