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1,000 Etsy sales!

Check out what snuck up on me the other day. I logged into my Etsy shop and found this message in my sidebar:I couldn't believe it. Then I visited my shop and saw this:So there you have it - I've joined the 1,000 Sales Club. Which I just made up. Yay

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I'm so looking forward to another fun year of bookmaking. :) One of my journals was recently included in this journal-themed Etsy Treasury by Christina of MashedPotatoMosaics and the title seemed appropriate for today.

Worktable Wednesday

Today I worked on a custom order that came through Etsy - it's the first time that one of my handmade books is going to the Netherlands! The custom photo album tweaks the page paper of the Sea Green Floral photo album. Instead of white paper with flecks, this album includes

Recent Etsy Treasury

I've been featured in a number of Etsy treasuries lately and I'm so honored to have my work chosen! Here's one of my favorites, including my Key Lime MonoJournal: This one is by a fellow member of the Bookbinding Etsy Street Team, Lisa of CinderLisaDesign:

And today’s laugh comes from…

At the Art & Artisans Holiday Market this past weekend, I met a lovely woman who wanted custom books covered in bug paper. I knew exactly what paper to show her - Debra Glanz of Reminiscence Papers makes awesome printed papers, including three with bugs. She chose Things with Wings, one

Worktable Wednesday

Today I took my worktable outside to Blue Ocean Breeze the crap out of this file drawer thingie (see this post for the back story): It's looking Smurfy! Unfortunately, the paint job is a bit sloppy - I probably should have read the directions on the spray can before I started. I still

From ornery to orangey

Boy, today was a bit of a superblech. Then I visited Etsy and found that I was featured in this fabulous, vibrant Treasury:     Why, yes - I am glad. I'm a sucker for orange. MoniCandles, you made my day. :)

My lucky week of Etsy Treasuries

I was shocked to find that my work was featured in four Etsy Treasuries over the past week! I am really honored to have my handmade photo albums included in these beautiful collections. Happiness Only Real When Shared was curated by Sema of zuzusworld:   Cleverness Lollipop was curated by Dee of kadootje77:   Blue

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