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Weston Craft Show

This past weekend I sold my work at the 30th Annual Weston Craft Show. Weston is a peanut of a place - completely adorable.Since Weston is two hours away from home, I chose to stay overnight. Several of the other exhibitors and I stayed in a house owned by the

Worktable Wednesday

Trying to get some new journals done before this weekend's Craft Vermont. Nothing like waiting until the last minute! Drilling holes in pages for chopstick journals: Choosing colors of waxed linen thread takes me way too long. I still haven't figured out this one...there are just too many possibilities. Once I finally get going,

Craft Vermont 2011

This weekend marks the 59th annual Craft Vermont, a craft show hosted by Vermont Hand Crafters (a.k.a. VHC). This will be my 8th year doing the show! I started thinking about annual wedding gifts, since this is an anniversary of sorts. Here's what I found: Modern: Lace/linenTraditional: Bronze/pottery So what does this mean?

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