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Snow Farm 2017

Many moons ago, when I worked at the Craft Emergency Relief Fund (now CERF+), I attended a board meeting that was held at Snow Farm. Located in Williamsburg, MA, Snow Farm offers craft and fine art workshops.I don't know why, but they've never stayed on my radar - and this is

Wells Book Arts Center summer institute

The Wells Book Arts Center in Aurora, New York has some fantastic courses coming up as part of their summer institute. The Center was established in 1993 and is dedicated to promoting the traditions and history of the book via courses in letterpress, bookbinding, calligraphy, and other book arts topics.

Worktable Wednesday

Today I worked on preparations for my upcoming Star and Tunnel Books workshop at Studio Place Arts. I always underestimate how much time I'll need to prepare, so this time I got started early. I have a checklist to help me make sure that I don't forget anything. I love making workshop

Paste Paper Photo Album – Day 1

Yesterday was the first session of my Paste Paper Photo Album class at Studio Place Arts. It was the first time I'd ever taught people how to make paste paper and I was really nervous. This technique is pretty much the opposite of bookmaking - it's loose and messy and

I’m going to Haystack!

In a few days I’ll be leaving for Haystack, which will mark the end of my summer of insanely awesome book arts education. Going to Haystack after having been to the Paper and Book Intensive and the Focus on Book Arts conference in the same year makes me feel unworthy. I definitely

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