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Awesome resources – IU Libraries Book Repair Manual and the Studio Protector

Elise Calvi, the Head of General Collections Conservation and Conservation Services at Indiana University Libraries recently posted on the Book Arts Listserv that their online book repair manual had been updated.From their website:This manual documents many of the treatment procedures used in the General Collections Conservation (GCC) Lab of the Indiana University

Pages in The Book of Craig

This is the last post in my series documenting The Book of Craig: A Creative Festschrift, a book I recently completed commemorating the decade that Craig Nutt worked as Director of Programs at CERF+. The project was three months in the making and includes contributions from over 40 people. If you haven't yet read

Tyvek Craig

Many moons ago, I worked at CERF+ (it was called CERF back then). During my time there, Craig Nutt came on board as the director of programs. After nearly ten years with the organization, Craig recently retired from his position to return to work in his furniture studio. By the way, you must click on

A bookbinder's confession…

I'm just going to say it - I have a full-time job. Part of me wonders if others won't take me as seriously if I don't make my art full-time. I'm not sure why that is. Perhaps telling some customers that you have a "real job" shatters the artist fantasy. When you're

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