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Worktable Wednesday

We're attending a Bar Mitzvah this weekend and I decided to make a card to mark the occasion. I did a bit of Googling until I found this awesome origami Star of David tutorial. I'd just follow the video - it can't be too difficult, right?I.was.so.wrong.That 15 minute video turned

Mixed Media Cards Marathon

Yesterday I taught a Mixed Media Cards Marathon class at Studio Place Arts in Barre, VT. I had a wonderfully enthusiastic group of five women who joined me on an adventure through a number of mixed media techniques. I don't think we had room at the table for more than

Inspiration in coffee cup sleeves

There's a local coffee house that uses these really cool cork coffee cup sleeves when you get coffee to go. I had never seen these before. Using cork for the sleeves has several advantages:It insulates better than paper.It is both recyclable and biodegradable.It can be harvested without killing the tree.There's

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