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Worktable Wednesday

Today I completed a custom wedding guest book that I started last week. I never bound one of my guest books using 1.5" ribbon - I usually use a 1/4" ribbon. I was concerned that the thicker ribbon would overwhelm the design, but I was pleased to be proven wrong. I love the

Heather’s wedding suite

As I recently mentioned, I was a bridesmaid in my sister in-law's wedding. I had never been a bridesmaid before and was quite honored to have been chosen. Among my many responsibilities was to go to a fireworks store (yes, they exist - apparently within 5 minutes of my home) and

Be our guest, be our guest (book)

My brother-in-law is getting married this weekend and I just finished the guest book. Nothing like waiting until the last minute. I gave my future sister-in-law the guest book as a gift for her bridal shower. I used the same paper for the cover as I did for their wedding invitations.

Working working working…

Somehow a week has passed since my last post. Meh.Holidays love to throw a monkey wrench into things. And usually I like monkeys.I've been busy working on my sister-in-law's wedding invitations. As I'm sure many of you can relate, they are taking much longer to complete than I had anticipated.To

Please tell me what to do

My husband's brother and sister are both getting married this summer.Not to each other, ew.I offered both couples a wedding gift of handmade invitations and both accepted. I spent the last several days in a frantic whirlwind of wedding invitation assembly for couple #1. (Don't get me started on the

Boxed In

Today I spent some time in the studio working on a hinged lid box.To show you an example, the Bridal Suite at right includes a large hinged lid box that fits all of the contents shown.The one that I was working on tonight is much smaller - just the right

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