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Worktable Wednesday

This morning was spent much like last Wednesday - I glued coptic journal covers using two more sheets of the paper I got from Chena River Marblers. I was bummed to find that the purple marbled paper was grain short, so I could only get one journal out of it. Poo. Things

Bookboard super-suck

On the day of the supreme Bookboard-o-rama, I talked about the arrival of a ginormous amount of bookboard. I was really excited because the sheets were slightly larger than my last purchase, which meant that there was potential for getting more covers from each board. DrRuss asked me the following: Do you


Here's my excitement for today: Yes, there was a big-ass truck in my driveway. The Bookboard Fairy came for a visit! Did you know that the Bookboard Fairy was a dude? I sure didn't! I now have a new lawn ornament. Thank you for not raining. Thank you for not raining. Thank you for

One of my favorite things…

Bookboardios. I know this sounds odd, but there's something really satisfying in producing a pile of little bookboard circles. Say it with me - bookboardios. I drill bookboard to create holes for binding my photo albums. What happens is that I often get a burr (a.k.a. bookboard barf). I have to trim off

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