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Accordion books

This weekend I worked on accordion books that are 4.5" x 4.5" in size. An accordion book is often made with one long piece of card stock. It is folded repeatedly, like a fan, to form the pages in the book.The colored slips of paper sticking out from the stack

Oh, wood I!

At last year's Focus on Book Arts Conference, I took a workshop on how to sew over cords using wood covers. I really enjoyed the workshop and planned on incorporating wood into my future work.Well, for the last week, I've been obsessed with wood. I don't know what triggered it.

Studio Tour (again) – the library

A lot of the bookbinding skills I've developed over the years have come from reading books about bookbinding. Many of them feature the same bindings, but I can't resist them. I need to have a big fat buffet at my disposal.So I have an ever-growing library of bookbinding and book/paper-related

Back to the studio

After having sufficiently recovered from my Paris paper trauma, I am now back to work on the journal that my friend Jason is oh-so-patiently waiting for.He chose a medium-toned gray bookcloth for the cover. It's a good choice for this journal because he plans to carry it in his laptop

Boxed In

Today I spent some time in the studio working on a hinged lid box.To show you an example, the Bridal Suite at right includes a large hinged lid box that fits all of the contents shown.The one that I was working on tonight is much smaller - just the right

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