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Happy 9th Blogiversary!

Today is the ninth anniversary of the day I started this blog - woohoo!Since I did it last year, I once again had to look up the traditional and modern anniversary gifts for year nine. Here's what I found:Traditional: Pottery/WillowModern: LeatherLeather? Really? Too easy.Instead of going for the obvious (I'm looking at

Teflon bone folder question

For whatever reason, I was recently staring at my teflon bone folder and I noticed something interesting - it has an imprint of a star on it!I'm sorry the pictures aren't better, but I hope you can see it - it's really there. I wonder what it means?Does anyone else out

Wayback Wednesday

I have a backlog of blog posts (backblog?) that have never been completed and it's bumming me out. I still want to share the content, so I'll be publishing under the heading of Wayback Wednesday for these posts. Several years ago, I posted on Twitter that I liked a hand-carved wood

Bone Folder Substitutes

Almost 3.5 years ago, I wrote a blog post about bone folder alternatives. I compiled the list after asking the Twitter bookbinding community for ideas and the came up with great suggestions. I just found this fabulous video from Sea Lemon (actually, all of her videos are fabulous) on the same

PBI tool making resources

The posts about my time with Shanna Leino may have motivated you to make your own tools. Here are some resources that can help you get started: Shanna recommended the following book: The Making of Tools by Alexander Weygers Making a Chasing or forming tool - tutorial by Charles Lewton-Brain Japanese Chasing Tools

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