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Are You Book Enough challenge – Family

It's been a while since I participated in the Are You Book Enough challenge on Instagram (#areyoubookenough). It's ironic that this month's theme is family, considering that that's what made it so hard to join in the fun (21-month-old daughter = very little free time).Luckily, I recently made something for

The Art of the Fold: The Accordion, part 2

Welcome to the second entry in my series of posts detailing my adventures working through Hedi Kyle and Ulla Warchol's new book, The Art of the Fold: How to Make Innovative Books and Paper Structures. This post includes the second batch of structures included in chapter one, The Accordion. If you're new to my blog, then

Thanksgiving Grace

On Thanksgiving day, my niece and nephew joined me in the studio for a couple of bookbinding projects. We started off by making pamphlet stitch books.My nephew quickly got to work on filling up some pages. Here's one of his entries:A translation of his writing:2015: Today I made this book

The origin of accordion love?

Over the weekend I got to see my most favoritest band perform in Burlington, VT - They Might Be Giants. I have loved them forever (well, since 1988 anyway).Best.music.ever.I started thinking about the connection between my affinity for accordion books and the fact that one of the TMBG band members

Worktable Wednesday

Today was an accordion book kind of day.I've been working on these babies for the past week or so. I really love making them, mostly because I get to play with brighter and wackier papers than I usually use in my production work. I also use papers that were trimmed

Worktable Wednesday

This week I'm working on a custom order for a wedding - 115 accordion pocket folders that will be used for guest information packets. They'll likely include directions, maps, and other details pertinent to the wedding for out-of-town guests. As you can imagine, this involves much cutting and folding. Today was

Accordion book tutorials

I recently received a request for directions on how I make my accordion books. Although I haven't written a tutorial myself, I found several great tutorials online. Accordion Book tutorial by Jeannine Stein Accordion Book tutorial by Sarah Nielsen Accordion Book tutorial by Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord Accordion Book tutorial from the Booklyn Artists Alliance

Worktable Wednesday

In true holiday production fashion, I worked on accordion books today. The beer covers have been especially popular. A new design for this year is mustaches. If you have a facially fuzzy friend, this book would make a great gift!

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