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Handmade journal with bamboo by Elissa Campbell of Blue Roof Designs
BlackGoldBamboo_BottomLeftHandmade journal with bamboo by Elissa Campbell of Blue Roof DesignsHandmade journal with bamboo by Elissa Campbell of Blue Roof Designs

Black & Gold Bamboo Chopstick Journal


Product Description

This handmade journal is a lovely choice for preserving your thoughts and dreams in something that is sure to become a prized possession. The book in this listing is part of an open edition.

  • Book size: 9 ¾” x 6 ½”
  • Usable page size: 9 ½” x 5 ¼”
  • Pages: 64 hand-torn pages (128 front and back)

This book has both a traditional and organic feel. The cover paper of this journal was hand silk-screened in Japan and is known as Yuzen or Chiyogami. In both China and Japan, the bamboo plant represents resilience, longevity, strength, and grace. In the Andaman Islands, they believe that humanity emerged from a bamboo stem.

The spine is covered in a black mohair bookcloth imported from Japan and is bound with a ¼” black double-faced satin ribbon. Tucked into the ribbon is a pair of lacquered chopsticks, providing the cherry on top of this journal “sundae”. The tops of the chopsticks are embellished with gold dragons which coordinate perfectly with the cover paper. The dragon is believed to symbolize male vigor and fertility. Although dragons are usually seen as fearsome, they are also considered as bringers of wealth and good fortune.

The pages are made of a 100% recycled text-weight paper containing 30% post consumer content. And if that isn’t eco-friendly enough for you, the paper was manufactured by a family-owned paper mill using 100% hydroelectric power. The paper is smooth with small visible flecks which add to its earthy, yet contemporary feel.

This journal was handcrafted using traditional bookbinding techniques and is meant to last a lifetime. All of my books are made using only the finest acid-free and archival materials. Your story is waiting to be told and you deserve a book that will become a treasured heirloom.


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