Leather Pocket Journals workshop - Part III

Leather Pocket Journals workshop – Part III

October 23, 2013

Studio Place Arts (SPA)
201 North Main Street

Handmade leather journalsWednesday October 23, 2013
Wednesday October 30, 2013
4:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

Yep, it’s a trilogy! I just can’t get enough of them. πŸ™‚

In Leather Pocket Journals Part III, you’ll learn 5 bindings (possibly more) that use only leather, paper, and thread – no glue needed! For each binding, you’ll sew 3 sections of folded pages into covers cut from one piece of leather.

These bindings are very flexible and allow the books to open completely flat, making them perfect for use as sketchbooks or journals.

Each sewing technique creates a different decorative sewing pattern on the spine and we’ll try out different closure methods. These sewings are different from the ones taught in Parts I and II and you didn’t have to attend those classes to attend this one.

No previous experience required – this is a great class for a beginner. You can even bring in your own leather to customize your book.

Cost: TBD

Materials fee: $15.00 to the instructor

Supplies: Awl, bonefolder, metal ruler, X-Acto knife or utility knife, cutting mat, scissors, pencil.

Note: Bring the the supplies if you have them – don’t feel obligated to buy anything. I’ll have extras available.

Contact SPA at (802) 479-7069 to register.


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