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Touch of Vermont recap

I just finished my last show of the season – the Touch of Vermont Holiday Gift Market. It was a lovely little show held in City Hall in downtown Montpelier. Couldn’t beat the commute!

Craft show booth - Blue Roof Designs

Another great thing was that I got to use my full booth and had enough room to put everything out. I hate when my booth gets all scrunched up.

I got to see lots of people I knew and was on the receiving end of many hugs. I like hugs.

I’m relieved that craft show season is now over for me. I can unpack everything and get my studio back in order. Thanks everyone for a wonderful holiday season!

Waterbury Artisans Boutique recap

This past weekend I showed my work at the Waterbury Artisans Boutique. The size of the venue required me to modify my booth, so things were arranged differently. I think I like my regular booth setup better.

Craft show booth setup

I love Waterbury and their artist community is very strong – I’m thrilled to continue being a part of it. Everyone is so talented and friendly. Not only does Waterbury offer fabulous art, but they also have a very lumpy and sweaty snowman who will allow you to hug him if you ask nicely.

Book artist Elissa Campbell with weird snowman

In the evening, the River of Light Lantern Parade made its way past our venue. This parade is truly one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. The entire community participates, including children – they make lanterns out of coffee filter paper and willow. This year’s theme was Creatures Under the Sea and the parade will filled with jellyfish, sharks, and fish. They used LED lights to light up the creatures from within.

Waterbury's River of Light Lantern Parade

If you’re ever in the Waterbury area in December, be sure to catch the parade. Hopefully, they will continue the tradition next year!

Women’s Festival of Crafts recap

This past weekend I exhibited my work at the Women’s Festival of Crafts in Burlington, VT. The show moved to a new location this year, Memorial Auditorium. It was nice to have all of the exhibitors on the same floor. And I was just a booth away from my good friend Mags!


I had some new designs of accordion books for sale (hello mustaches) and a fresh batch of my small leather journals. The show was very busy and I had a great time talking to customers and catching up with my artist friends. This show really is a must-visit type of show – there’s a wonderful variety of work and the folks who run it are total sweethearts.


It’s a very competitive show to get into – cross your fingers for me so that I can get in again next year!

Hello to Art on Main!

Art on Main gallery logo

I’m thrilled to announce that my work is now available for purchase at the wonderful Art on Main gallery in Bristol, VT!

The gallery has a great mission:

Art on Main is a non-profit, community-supported, artist-cooperative gallery committed to supporting the creative endeavors of individuals in our community through the exhibition and sale of art and craft, community events and outreach, and through professional development for artists.

They have a wonderful selection of Vermont craft and a super cozy feeling. If you’re ever in the Bristol area, I highly recommend that you stop over there for a visit.

Here are the details:

25 Main Street
Bristol VT 05443
(802) 453-4032

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Weston Craft Show

This past weekend I sold my work at the 30th Annual Weston Craft Show. Weston is a peanut of a place – completely adorable.

Since Weston is two hours away from home, I chose to stay overnight. Several of the other exhibitors and I stayed in a house owned by the Playhouse. It was fun to hang out and get to know some other artists a bit better.

The Playhouse has a lot of odd spaces. I was located in a room that I understand to be a bedroom for resident actors during the summer months. Due to the size of the room, half of my work was located in the hallway. It took a while for me to figure out to set everything up, but I was happy with how it turned out.

Blue Roof Designs craft show booth at Weston Craft Show

Blue Roof Designs craft show booth at Weston Craft Show

Craft show booth

Craft show booth

Craft show booth

Open Studio Weekend recap

This past weekend I participated in the third annual Fall Vermont Open Studio Weekend. As always, it begins with the cleaning of the studio.

Wiggum was not pleased with the amount of work I made him do and staged a sit in (lay down) in my studio in protest.

Silver standard poodle laying on the floor

For those of you who weren’t able to attend, here are some more pictures of my oh-so-clean studio (and parts of the hallway).

Bookshelves full of handmade books

Bookshelves full of handmade books

Bookshelves full of handmade artists' books

I’ll be participating in Open Studio Weekend in spring 2014 (Memorial Day weekend), so mark your calendars now – I’d love to have you come!

Book Arts Guide to Vermont Open Studio Weekend

Handmade leather journalsWelcome to the 2013 Book Arts Guide to Vermont Open Studio Weekend

It’s time for my annual nod to the many book artists participating in Open Studio Weekend. A few of these talented folks are also members of the Book Arts Guild of Vermont, an organization I hold near and dear to my heart.

I created the Google map below, which includes all of the studios to help you plan your travels. Unfortunately, the book arts studios aren’t very close to each other. By the way, I’m studio #124.

I’ll be referring to studios by both name and number – the number refers to a listing in the Vermont Studio Tour Guide. The colors of the studio numbers in this post match the colored markers in the Google map below.

There are several ways to get your hands on a map:

First stop on the book arts tour is #70, Lyna Lou Nordstrom. She is a wonderful printmaker, focusing her work on the painterly aspects of monoprinting. And if you stop by her studio, you’ll have the opportunity to make your own free jello print – they’re so much fun to make!

Next is #93 Meta Strick. Meta really is a Jackie of all trades. She does wonderful mixed media work, including dolls that have a book component. It’s quite wonderful to read the “history” of each doll. She has a great philosophy that you can make anything into a book. Meta has lots of fans, so don’t be surprised if you get to her studio and it’s mobbed. Perhaps pick up some coffee and a snack before you head on over?

Amy Cook #83 is the next stop. Not only does Amy make books, but she’s also a sculptor, painter, curator, and interior designer. And if that’s not interesting enough, she’s the first American woman to receive a PhD in Philosophy, Aesthetics, and Art Theory at the Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts. A visit with Amy is certainly going to offer you fascinating conversation about her work.

The last stop is #110 Ken Leslie. Ken primarily creates books in a circular format – a practice that developed out of his dissatisfaction with rectangular painting shapes. His themes often focus on natural cycles, such as day and night. The size of his work ranges from miniature to really ginormous – you can walk through some of his books when they’re open. Ken shared his work at a Book Arts Guild meeting and it was wonderful!

If you do go to any of the studios, share your experiences here and I will live vicariously through you. If you have any pictures, I’d love to see them…you can even do a guest post on my blog!

Make that Book Arts Tour map bigger!

Vermont Open Studio Weekend – Central Vermont Artists

Fall 2013 OSW logo

Vermont’s 3rd Fall Open Studio Weekend is just around the corner (October 5 & 6)! If you’re planning on visiting my studio (you know you are…), you can visit other great artists within a 20-ish minute drive of here.

There are 12 studios participating in the Central Vermont area. Artists are offering exhibits and demonstrations of pottery, sculpture, quilting, mixed media, painting, ironwork, and more.

I’ll be referring to studios by both name and number – the number refers to a listing in the orange 2013 Vermont Studio Tour Guide. There are several ways to get your hands on a map:

Here’s the rundown of who’s who (click on the links to learn more about specific artists):

I created the map below to help you plan your travels. Because the studios are so close to each other, you can visit quite a few of them within a short period of time.

Have fun!

Make that map bigger!

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