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Worktable Wednesday

This week I got a custom order for five guest books – due next week. This is my very first corporate client, so I’m quite excited.

They chose a wonderful paper made by Richard Langdell of Armstrong Handmade Papers – it contains hay gathered from his neighbor’s field (first sheet on the left in the image below):

Handmade papers by Richard Langdell of Armstrong Handmade Papers

When I visited Richard’s studio today, I intended to just pick up the three sheets I needed. As you’ve already seen, I came home with more than three sheets…um, it was 28.

One of the things I love about visiting Richard’s studio is that I get to see his experimental stuff. I instantly fell for a cotton paper with pieces of gold and silver leaf, along with hops. I’m thinking maybe a beer journal?

Handmade paper with hops, gold and silver leaf

I’m going to use the solid sheets in a letterpress experiment – I want to do blind printing with wood type. I got into the letterpress open studio next week at Dartmouth, so hopefully I’ll have something to show you soon!

The Paper Place and their 2nd annual rocking giveaway

Big fat paperHere we go again…let the paper dreams begin.

Mine mine mine please.

The generous folks at The Paper Place are giving away (for the second year) a super fat sample pack, which includes an 8.5″ x 11” sheet of every Chiyogami paper they carry – over 700 patterns!

Enter the giveaway here.

If you’ve never worked with Chiyogami paper (a.k.a. Yuzen) before, it’s just fabulous. I’ve often referred to the stuff as the butter of paper – it just behaves so well.

Compliant paper makes me happy…it’s so dreamy!

The Paper Place is located in Toronto, Canada…luckily within driving distance for me. In addition to their fabulous Chiyogami selection, they also offer workshops, art & papercrafting supplies, and gift items. You can even shop online if you can’t tolerate a trip out of the country. Just to tease you, they now carry Divine Twine.

So if I haven’t been successful in enticing you to enter this giveaway, all I can do is leave you with the following image:

Pile of Chiyogami paper

If that doesn’t motivate you, then are made of some seriously strong stuff.

Worktable Wednesday

A while ago, I bought a grab bag of Debra Glanz’s (a.k.a. Reminiscence Papers) awesome printed papers from Paper Mojo. I decided to take a few of them for a a spin and make some accordion books.

So I have this tendency to reuse wax paper a lot. A LOT. It’s pretty gross.

Gluing paper to bookboard covers

Actually, it’s pretty cool. There’s a lot of history in those layers of glue.

No. I think that at some point, reuse just becomes abuse. This wax paper is so strong that it should just walk right outta here.


And today’s laugh comes from…

At the Art & Artisans Holiday Market this past weekend, I met a lovely woman who wanted custom books covered in bug paper.

I knew exactly what paper to show her – Debra Glanz of Reminiscence Papers makes awesome printed papers, including three with bugs. She chose Things with Wings, one of my favorites.

Today I received my order and along with the bug paper, I received the cutest little package of printed papers.

In the back of the package was what probably one of the funniest notes I’ve ever received with an order:

These are samples of a few of the papers available in my shop: Have fun using them in your own card making, scrapbooking, collage or even better……make tiny little paper airplanes to annoy your family and friends.



[waiting for husband to come home to pelt with airplanes]

The Bed Pan of Triangles

Bed pan full of paper triangles

I have a bed pan of triangles in my studio.

Wait – you don’t have one too?

I guess I should start with the origin of the bed pan. Earlier this year, I had all of my wisdom teeth removed. My sister came with me to the appointment as I wouldn’t be able to drive myself home.

So I’m in recovery and I start to feel nauseous. I really don’t like throwing up and I’m doing my best to hold it together.

It is at this time that my sister decides to reminisce about the previous night’s episode of Glee, which included a group vomit scene.

And then I throw up. Thanks Sis.

The doctor gave me a bed pan to take with me in the car, just in case. Thankfully, I didn’t need to use it.

But I just don’t throw things away. Never look a gift bed pan in the mouth.

So I also had a bunch of paper triangles.

When you make books and are covering boards, you trim off the excess material to eliminate unnecessary bulk.

Did I mention that I just don’t throw things away? Never look a gift paper triangle in the mouth.

Bed pan of spilled paper triangles

It seemed like a natural fit.

Worktable Wednesday

This morning was spent much like last Wednesday – I glued coptic journal covers using two more sheets of the paper I got from Chena River Marblers.

I was bummed to find that the purple marbled paper was grain short, so I could only get one journal out of it. Poo.

Things got more exciting once I went on a field trip.

I’ve mentioned that my new bookboard is too large to fit in my Kutrimmer (argh). In order to get my board cut, I had to travel to a friend’s studio to use her Kutrimmer. She has a 1080.

Me? Jealous? Yes. Very.

Kutrimmer 1080

The thing is beauteous. In addition to having a larger cutting length (31.25″), it has a rocking foot-operated clamp. My foot never gets to help when I cut board at home. 🙁

17 boards later…

I didn’t cut the boards all the way down to finished sizes – I didn’t want to kill the blade and I can finish the rest at home on my inferior 1071.

I think I’ve become a bad Kutrimmer mommy.

There was a fun and gross discovery while cutting the bookboard – a smushed, bloody bug.

Smushed bug on sheet of bookboard

I performed several Google searches to determine whether smushed bugs are either archival or acid-free, but had no luck.

If you have any knowledge on the subject, please share! 😉

Worktable Wednesday

Back in the studio!

Today I glued coptic journal covers using two sheets of the paper I got from Chena River Marblers.

Cut journal bookboard covers

I simply cannot resist this marbled paper. I want to eat it.

Working with it has a super-positive effect on my mood. And I’d like to express my gratitude for the fact that it’s grain long – I can get two journals from each sheet.

Marbled paper from Chena River Marblers

Gluing journal covers

Journal covers in the book press

Now to sort out the linen thread colors…

Claire Van Vliet: Celebration of Paper exhibit catalog

As I mentioned in this post, I recently visited the Brattleboro Museum and Art Center to take in the Claire Van Vliet: Celebration of Paper exhibit.

I was happy to hear that the Museum didn’t suffer any damages from Tropical Storm Irene. That means that it’s not too late to get yourself to the exhibit – it runs through September 26, 2011.

I picked up an exhibit catalog in the gift shop – I never do this. But I had to do it this time. The cover is a textured paper with a deckle edge – it’s the color of wheat. Does anyone know what it might be? I don’t see any watermarks.

Cover of exhibit catalog for "Claire Van Vliet: A Celebration of Paper"

I dig how it was put together.

Close up of exhibit catalog for "Claire Van Vliet: A Celebration of Paper"

Introductory page from exhibit catalog for "Claire Van Vliet: A Celebration of Paper"

Page spread from exhibit catalog for "Claire Van Vliet: A Celebration of Paper"

Page spread from exhibit catalog for "Claire Van Vliet: A Celebration of Paper"

Page spread from exhibit catalog for "Claire Van Vliet: A Celebration of Paper"

Page spread from exhibit catalog for "Claire Van Vliet: A Celebration of Paper"

Close up of exhibit catalog for "Claire Van Vliet: A Celebration of Paper"

Close up of exhibit catalog for "Claire Van Vliet: A Celebration of Paper"

I love how the folios are nested. I might have to try that sometime.

I wanted to find out more about the book, so I did a search on the publisher, Bates College Museum of Art.

Here’s what I found via The Old Print Shop:

Title: Claire Van Vliet: a Celebration of Paper.
Artist: Claire Van Vliet
Writer: Genetta McClean
Category: Books > Monographs > Artists V
Publisher: Bates College Museum of Art, Lewiston/Mary Ryan Gallery, NY
Year: nd.
Description: (12) pp., 5 ills. (3 color, 2 gate-folds), obl. 16mo., wraps.

Nothing new, but it’s still interesting to see how they organize the information.

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