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1,000 Etsy sales!

Check out what snuck up on me the other day. I logged into my Etsy shop and found this message in my sidebar:

Screenshot of Etsy message

I couldn’t believe it. Then I visited my shop and saw this:

Screenshot of Etsy message

So there you have it – I’ve joined the 1,000 Sales Club. Which I just made up. Yay me!

In celebration of this milestone, I’m having a sale on all books in my Etsy shop – use coupon code 1000YAY to get 15% off your entire purchase of any journal, photo album, and/or guest book.

Screenshot of Blue Roof Designs Etsy shop

The sale is active now through Saturday July 21, 2018.

Thanks so much to everyone for supporting my work!

Worktable Wednesday

Today I worked on a custom order that came through Etsy – it’s the first time that one of my handmade books is going to the Netherlands!

The custom photo album tweaks the page paper of the Sea Green Floral photo album. Instead of white paper with flecks, this album includes a smooth dark green paper. I tend towards neutral colors for photo album pages, so this combination is one that I most likely would not have come up with on my own.

I love this combination!

The color of the paper is so rich. I’m sorry I couldn’t get a better picture of it. 🙁

I can’t wait to see how it looks when it’s done!

My lucky week of Etsy Treasuries

I was shocked to find that my work was featured in four Etsy Treasuries over the past week! I am really honored to have my handmade photo albums included in these beautiful collections.

Happiness Only Real When Shared was curated by Sema of zuzusworld:

Etsy Treasury Feature - Happiness Only Real When Shared by zuzusworld


Cleverness Lollipop was curated by Dee of kadootje77:

Etsy Treasury Feature - Cleverness Lollipop by kadootje77


Blue Daisies was curated by Apryl of bluedaisyglass:

Etsy Treasury Feature - Blue Daisies by bluedaisyglass


Perfect purple wedding was curated by Jamie of bentzbaby:

Etsy Treasury Feature - Perfect purple wedding by bentzbaby

Bookbinding Etsy Street Team feature!

I am beyond honored to be today’s featured bookbinder on the Bookbinding Etsy Street Team blog. You can read the interview here.

Bookbinding Etsy Street Team - Elissa Campbell interview

I’ve had an Etsy account for over four years, but only recently started listing work. While I only have six pieces on there now, I plan to add lots more in the coming weeks. Feel free to visit my shop and poke around.

The Bookbinding Etsy Street Team is a really amazing group of artists – I have a lot of respect and admiration for them. You can check out their work on Etsy and Flickr, and follow them on Twitter. Oh yeah, and you can become a fan of B.E.S.T. on Facebook.

Many thanks to Hilke, a.k.a. buechertiger on Etsy for the interview – you made me look good!

I’m a new member of the Bookbinding Etsy Street Team!

Bookbinding Etsy Street Team logoI am super-duper excited to announce that in addition to having my work for sale on Etsy, I am now an official member of the Bookbinding Etsy Street Team (a.k.a. BEST)!

I have long admired the work of BEST group and I’m so glad to finally join the ranks.

For those who are not familiar with BEST, here’s the Team’s profile, as detailed on Etsy:

Our goal is to unite bookbinding lovers, to share our skills, learn from each other, discuss techniques, designs, business ideas, to promote the art of hand bookbinding, our team, our shops, and Etsy.

The easiest way to find work by BEST members is to search for the bookbindingteam tag on Etsy. The range of work offered is quite impressive.

If you’re interested in learning more about BEST, you can find the Team on the following sites:

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