Sincere thanks to the Vermont Arts Council

Vermont Arts Council logoI’m happy to announce that I was recently chosen by the Vermont Arts Council to receive a Vermont Rapid Response Artist Relief grant. The program offers grants up to $500.00 to artists who have lost income due to coronavirus-related job and/or gig cancellations.

I had a number of workshops and classes cancelled through the summer, including a return to the Morgan Conservatory.

The loss of these engagements is heartbreaking to me as I’m someone who not only enjoys teaching, but also loves interacting with and learning from students.

And I know I’m not alone in feeling the loss. This is happening not just in Vermont, but all over the world. If you’re an artist, do check with your local/state arts council to see if there are opportunities for emergency funding.

The Arts Council received 183 applications in the week after the fund opened, granting $64,435.00 to Vermont-based artists. A second round is now in the works thanks to funding from the New England Foundation for the Arts.

Once again, my heartfelt thanks go to the Vermont Arts Council for their financial assistance. If you’d like to donate to Vermont Rapid Response Artist Relief, you can do so on the Council’s website.

9 Responses to “Sincere thanks to the Vermont Arts Council”

By Marilyn Gillis - 3 May 2020 Reply

Congratulations and good for you Elissa.

By Elissa - 3 May 2020 Reply

Thanks Marilyn!


By Velma Bolyard - 3 May 2020 Reply

Elissa, i’m so glad you got one of these grants… another friend and myself have both not received what we applied for and the lost income, while not devastating, is still something we both count on. i’m glad to know a book artist got this support, and you absolutely deserve it! Yay!

By Elissa - 3 May 2020 Reply

Velma –

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been affected too. It’s a big boat we’re all in.

I didn’t think I was going to get a grant, once I heard how many people had applied. I consider myself very lucky!



By Velma Bolyard - 3 May 2020 Reply

You are lucky, but it couldn’t have happened to a better person! When you love to teach it really matters, and your students get it, and they are what it’s all about, right? I had a 5 day class at Maiwa School of Textiles scheduled as well as a two day at Washi Arts. There will be other opportunities, maybe these, another year. Take good care, Velma

By Jade - 3 May 2020 Reply

Hi Elissa, So pleased to hear about your grant. I hope you were able to use the list I provided in my latest update to see if more grants are available.  Will you be at FOBA next year? They are also looking for more proposals!
Stay safe and well.
Take care – Jade

By Elissa - 4 May 2020 Reply

Jade –

I haven’t yet looked into other grants, but I plan to. I’ve got your email in my inbox, waiting for some action!

I hope to be at FOBA next year. I’m going to submit at least one workshop proposal, hopefully two.

Take care,

By seley1 - 5 May 2020 Reply

Hi Elissa,

I am so sorry you had to cancel your workshops. Having taken several of yours, I can attest that your students feel the great loss as well.

The loss of income from your cancelled workshops is devastating. So delighted you received some well deserved financial assistance from the Vermont Arts Council. It’s hard to believe that this shutdown will continue right through the summer. I just got an email from Shelburne Museum that they will not reopen until this fall. Wow! I didn’t see that coming. Tough time. Hang tight.

By Elissa - 7 May 2020 (5 weeks ago) Reply

Sidney –

Thanks so much for your kind words. I’m currently working on moving some of my workshops online. It will take a while, but stay tuned.

I heard about the Shelburne Museum – what a loss.


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