Ephemera website is up!

I mentioned in this post that I’d let you know when the online exhibition for Ephemera: Forever, Always, & Now went live, so here goes – it’s live!

I can’t help but totally geek out over the fact that my entry is right next to Jim Croft‘s.

Ephemera binding website screenshot

You have got to check out these other bindings – they are really something special. I’m truly honored to have my work included in this collection of rock stars.

Here’s a rundown of who participated, along with where to find them online:

The next volume in Uppercase Magazine‘s Encyclopedia of Inspiration is Vintage Life and I chose someone perfect to bind a copy. I can’t wait to see what she does with it!

If you’d like your own copy of Ephemera (and who wouldn’t – it’s awesome), you can get it here.

8 Responses to “Ephemera website is up!”

By daria wilber - 20 September 2019 Reply

This is so fabulous! Thanks Elissa!

By Elissa - 22 September 2019 Reply

Daria –

Glad you enjoyed it!


By joppemercure - 21 September 2019 Reply

Woozier wow wow wow

By Elissa - 22 September 2019 Reply

Ann –

Aw, shucks.


By Mary Ann Hickey - 21 September 2019 Reply

Elissa, this is an amazing collection. I have spent about the last 2 hours looking at every detail of every image. Time well spent and so much inspiration. Your Japanese inspired binding is unique. I traveled to Japan once back in 1977and the memories are indelible.Back then I was working in quilt format, so the visit inspired 4 Japanese themed quilts. Now I am making books and there is no end of inspiration in blogs like yours and so many places now available due to digital technology. Thank for the inspiration!
Mary Ann

By Elissa - 22 September 2019 Reply

Mary Ann –

It is a fabulous collection of books. I wish I could see all of them in person!

I agree about Japan being a source of endless inspiration. I still can’t stop talking about my trip to anyone who will listen. I am so looking forward to going back one day!


By Marilyn Gillis - 24 September 2019 Reply

Thanks for sending this. It was fun to see what all the artists did – such variety and beauty. Congratulations – you are our star.

By Elissa - 24 September 2019 Reply

Marilyn –

Aw, you’re very sweet for saying so. 🙂


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