UNBOUND IX exhibit at ArtisTree Gallery

For the past 9 years, the ArtisTree Gallery in South Pomfret, VT has had an exhibit of book art and this was the first year that I submitted work for the jury. I have no good reason for having not done so sooner. It’s a book art exhibit in Vermont for goodness’ sake – what took me so long?

Here’s what the gallery has to say about their exhibit:

The broad theme of “UNBOUND VOL. IX” encompasses all of the possibilities of what we may think or may not think a “book” is. Is it story? An entry to another world? An exploration? What does it indicate? This juried show looks to explore this idea of “the book” and all the ways artists use that format as a stepping-off point or as material to explore new ideas.

Needless to say, I was thrilled when my piece Fine Art was accepted to UNBOUND vol. IX. Here it is on display:

Tunnel book and box by Elissa Campbell

Fine Art by Elissa Campbell

Unfortunately, I missed the opening reception because it was held the day before I left for vacation. Upon my return from my trip, I had a surprise waiting for me in the mail – a certificate stating that my piece had won Honorable Mention! When I finally visited the gallery, I saw that there was a lovely gold sticker next to my piece (I’m a sucker for a gold star):

Gallery artwork label

And then another pleasant surprise, as you can see above – I sold my piece! Woohoo!

I didn’t get to spend as much time as I would have liked to explore the other work in the exhibit – as you can see on my daughter’s face below, Anna was less than pleased that she had been dragged to the gallery at all. There was no cheese there. And yes, she specifically mentioned that.

Toddler in stroller at art gallery

For the brief time I was in the gallery, I did find a few pieces that caught my interest (they’re all so different!):

Recto/Verso, a non-linear pause by Sondra Graff

Artwork by Sondra Graff

Recto/Verso, a non-linear pause by Sondra Graff

Artwork by Sarah Smith

Units by Sarah Smith

Artwork by Sarah Smith

Units by Sarah Smith

Artwork by Iris Grimm

52 hertz by Iris Grimm

Artwork by Sloane Dawson

Words on Wheels by Sloane Dawson

Even though I didn’t have a lot of time in the gallery, I’m glad I made the trip. Many of my cohorts from the Book Arts Guild of Vermont had pieces in the show and I knew some of the other artists from the online book arts world (I’m looking at you @grimmbooks and @passionatobooks).

It’s nice to be among friends.

Book arts exhibit at ArtisTree Gallery

4 Responses to “UNBOUND IX exhibit at ArtisTree Gallery”

By Karen Hanmer - 2 September 2019 Reply

Red sticker.

Gold sticker.


By Elissa - 3 September 2019 Reply

Karen –

Thanks! I do enjoy collecting stickers…


By Jade - 14 September 2019 Reply

Hi Elissa, Would you happen to know if Artis Tree has pictures of this and previous book arts exhibits and links to them? I imagine that there are many people unable to attend the show but still would love to view the wonderful creativity.
Where did you go on vacation? How wonderful to get away!

By Elissa - 16 September 2019 Reply

Jade –

I imagine the gallery would have images from past shows, but I’m not sure if they regularly post them online. The shows are really wonderful – they represent the diversity of book arts really well.

My vacation? We took a road trip with stops including Niagara Falls, Buffalo (toured a Frank Lloyd Wright house and ate the Buffalo wings), Philadelphia, and Fire Island, NY. My daughter was not the biggest fan of being in the van. She’s a rare bird in that she doesn’t often sleep on long rides. She did like the Buffalo wings, though!


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