Ephemera binding, in process

Back in this post, I mentioned that I had been tapped to participate in the binding of a volume from Uppercase Magazine‘s Encyclopedia of InspirationEphemera. I decided to attempt my concept of incorporating ephemera from my 2016 trip to Japan. 

The book pages arrived untrimmed and I was so afraid of messing up during trimming. Finally, I found enough courage to just go for it. Check it out – all done!

Trimmed book pages

Below you can see the cover – clear vinyl that I got at the hardware store. The reason behind the vinyl? When thinking about the theme of ephemera, the concept of collections immediately came to mind and then strangely, baseball card holders. The design of my book is meant to evoke this storage solution used by those wishing to protect their collections.

Two pieces were woven together for the base of a Crossed Structure Binding, linked variation.

Clear vinyl book cover

It’s not easy to see, but you sew this binding on a sewing frame. It was hard to keep the vinyl straps taut – they were slippery and wiggly. With a lot of finessing, I managed to snug up my stitches.

Sewing handbound book

Here it is, all sewn up:

Handbound book with clear vinyl cover and red paper

To create the storage pockets, I used my Japanese screw punch to make holes in the vinyl and then completed the sewing using fishing line (it was strong and clear like the vinyl). Before punching the holes, I created a whole mess of templates so I wouldn’t mess up. Ignore the labeling on the template for the Yen pocket – it is a template, not a jig. Bad labeling.

Paper templates for punching holes in vinyl

You can see a couple of the sewn pockets below, along with their contents:

Closeup of handmade book front cover - clear vinyl pockets with coins and paper ephemera

And that’s all you get to see for now. Trust me, there’s a lot more to see.

Stay tuned for the big reveal!

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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