Happy 11th Blogiversary!

11 Blogiversary image

It’s that time of year – this little blog of mine is 11 years old!

In keeping with my custom of following the schedule of traditional and modern anniversary gifts, I will be giving myself fashion jewelry or something made of steel. Okay, so that jewelry thing isn’t going to happen – I’m really not a fashion gal.

There are so many options for steel when it comes to bookbinding tools. I already have several in my collection, including spatulas, awls, and dividers. Among my favorites are a stainless steel Kelm folder and awl made by Shanna Leino

Shanna Leino stainless steel Kelm folder with leather sheath

Shanna Leino stainless steel awl

…and a pair of Nigiri Basami, traditional Japanese sewing scissors that I acquired on a trip to Japan.

Japanese sewing scissors

I think what I’ve settled on is investing in more screw punches – the bits are made of steel. I want to get the punches so students can use them in my classes.

Japanese screw punch

If you have any other steely suggestions, I’m all ears!

4 Responses to “Happy 11th Blogiversary!”

By Penne - 9 April 2019 Reply

Happy Anniversary to you and your fabulous blog! And you certainly have many wonderful steely items.

By Elissa - 11 April 2019 Reply

Penne –

Thanks my dear! Hopefully the screw punches will actually happen. In the meantime, I’m keeping my eye out for steel blue colored paper, just in case.


By Donna M - 10 April 2019 Reply

Congratulations on your 11th anniversary of blogging. I agree with you about getting more of the Japanese screw hole punches and/or bits.

By Elissa - 11 April 2019 Reply

Donna –

Thanks! I can always use support when justifying the purchase of more tools. 🙂


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