Blizzard of Blizzards workshop

This past weekend, a bunch of souls braved a blizzard – not weather-wise, but learning-wise. I held my first Blizzard of Blizzards workshop at Studio Place Arts, where folks completed five structures invented by the fabulous Hedi Kyle.

Just look at the serious faces on these folks:

Bookbinding workshop at Studio Place Arts

Hedi invented her famous folded Blizzard Book structure during a snowstorm. By making modifications to the folded components, you can create other structures – Hedi affectionately refers the collection as the Blizzard Clan.

This workshop was folding-heavy and there was no getting around it. One of my students called the experience the Triangle Wrangle. I love that so much.

Folding a Blizzard Book structure

I love picking out papers for workshops. Japanese Chiyogami is perfect for folding because it doesn’t crack and it’s happy to go in any direction you choose. Printed papers by Debra Glanz (sadly no longer available) have a very pronounced grain, so I’m glad I tested them before including them in the kits.

Blizzard Book structures

One of the structures required paper with a measurement that was beyond usual paper sheet dimensions. For this structure, I used kraft paper from a roll. It’s a very forgiving paper and I’m happy with how well it worked. I got it from Amazon. FYI – This is a genuine recommendation (I don’t get a commission).

Blizzard Book structures

Ahhh…blizzards in the sun…

If you want to learn these structures yourself, they’re all included in the very awesome book The Art of the Fold. The book was written by Hedi and her daughter Ulla Warchol and was published last year.

If you’re on the fence about getting this book, don’t be – you should totally get it. It now has a permanent home on my list of recommended texts on bookbinding and it’s destined to be a classic.

4 Responses to “Blizzard of Blizzards workshop”

By Ulla Warchol - 19 March 2019 Reply

That’s great news!

By Elissa - 24 March 2019 Reply

Thanks Ulla! Your book is truly fantastic.


By Jade - 13 May 2019 Reply

Hi Elissa, I am not sure if I have made this request before but would it be possible to be included in your mailing list for future workshops. Perhaps I have not seen it but is there also a list of organizations where you teach.  If I have made this request before please do ignore this paragraph. I voluntarily maintain a workshop calendar where I collect information from all over the US and the world and put it all in one place. The current emphasis is for paper and books with some exceptions.   It started out as something for me and when I mentioned it my fellow workshop attendees they wanted to check out this calendar as well. In addition to the calendar I also have a document, containing a list of all organizations I look at for workshop info, uploaded to dropbox where they can use those links to make their own explorations.

Thank you – Jade

By Elissa - 15 May 2019 Reply

Jade –

I’m happy to add you to my email list.

If you were looking to be added to my snail mail list, contact me with your address.


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