Weird letters project

A group of my Book Arts Guild of Vermont friends and I have two challenges going on at the moment, the first of which I just started to tackle.

The project involves a bunch of sign letters and grid paper that one of my friends found at a flea market. Letters and grids were batched up for everyone and we were given free rein on what we decided to do with them.

Self adhesive sign letters

Each letter comes in three sizes, as you can see below.

Self adhesive sign letters

My friend Marcia (@marciavogler) already finished her book – you can see it on Instagram and it is so cool. And another friend, Becky (@boardbecky) finished hers, but it’s not up on Instagram yet. I am feeling the pressure.

My process was jump-started by thinking about how I might use tombstone rubbing wax to create text. I bought a batch after having used them during Hedi Kyle’s workshop at North Country Studio Workshops last year.

3 cakes tombstone rubbing wax

I wanted to get the full rainbow rubbing wax assortment like Hedi’s, but couldn’t find it online. I called the manufacturer and was told that the sets are no longer being made. In addition, the silver and gold waxes are no longer being produced because lead is one of the ingredients. Bummer.

I laid out some letters, put a piece of silk bookcloth over it, and rubbed away.

Rubbing on bookcloth with tombstone rubbing wax

I thought it came out great – and the best part is that the wax doesn’t seem to rub off much if something comes in contact with it (I rubbed a piece of paper on it to test). I also tried rubbing the wax on both sides of a sheet of paper to see if there would be any weirdness – nope. It was all good.

I have a vague idea of my book’s overall concept, but it needs work. Stay tuned to see where this goes!

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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