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Vermont’s Fall Open Studio Weekend is coming up this weekend, October 13 & 14! If I weren’t participating in the event, I would totally be making my own studio visits.

Most Vermont craftspeople work in studios located in or close to their residences. These are places of production and inspiration located in downtowns as well as at the ends of dirt roads. They are exciting places to visit because they reflect the dynamic yet organized process that is used to produce the finished work of art.

The studio itself is enormously informative because you can see at a glance how the artist works. Buying or ordering work during an Open Studio sale is a unique experience because you have the opportunity to speak to the artist directly.

An extra bit of coolness – the Vermont Crafts Council is coordinating this event with American Craft Week (October 5 – 14), a national celebration of the wonders of American craft. Craft makes our communities vibrant – it encompasses our traditions, history and our way of life.

Since I’ve already mentioned that I’m participating, you know that my studio is a must-see. 🙂 What you might not know is that there are six other locations within a 15 minute drive of here. Montpelier has a sweet little cluster of artists for your studio hopping pleasure. 

I’ve listed these local studios below, where I’m referring to them by both name and number – the number refers to a listing in the orange 2018 Fall Event & Resource Guide. There are several ways to get your hands on a map:

Here’s the rundown of who’s who (click on the links to learn more about specific artists):

Note #1: You can’t see studio #99 on the map below because it’s at the same address as #100 – Google is overlapping the two studios. Bad Google!

Note #2: Studios #99 and #100 aren’t in the Fall Event & Resource Guide because they joined the event after the guide went to print. You find directions to those studios here.

Note #3 (just one more): If you’re wondering why the studio numbers are different colors, that’s because they correspond with the marker colors on the map I created to help you plan your travels. Behold – the Google Map!

2018 Fall Vermont Open Studio Weekend - Montpelier Area Artists Map

Click on the map to enlarge

If you do plan on coming to the Montpelier area, let me know and I’d be happy to recommend some local restaurants for your munching pleasure.

I hope to see you at the studio!

Open Studio Weekend is part of Vermont Arts 2018, a year-long celebration highlighting the wide variety of arts events taking place throughout the state. Thanks to the Vermont Arts Council for creating this project! You can join the party by following #VTarts2018 on social media (Instagram, Twitter).

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