The Art of the Fold: Instagram Post Round-up

I hope you’ve enjoyed my journey through The Art of the Fold: How to Make Innovative Books and Paper Structures. It is a fantastic resource and compendium of Hedi Kyle‘s life’s work. The book is a must-have for anyone who loves paper and the magic you can do with it.

Below you’ll find a round up of all of my Instagram posts detailing my work on each structure in the book.

Folded paper accordion booksThe Accordion

1. Folding an Accordion 2-4-8
2. Folding an Accordion 3-6-12
3. Folding an Accordion with Extensions
4. Simple Accordion
5. Pocket Accordion with Separate Cover
6. Pocket Accordion Variation – Full Sheet
7. Pocket Accordion with Integrated Cover
8. Pop-Up Accordion
9. Flag Book
10. Two-Sided Flag Book
11. Interlocking Loops

Folded paper books and boxesBlizzards

12. Blizzard Book
13. Wheel of Fortune
14. Blizzard Box
15. Crown Book
16. Crown Greeting Card
17. Blizzard Pocket



Folded paper books One-Sheet Books

18. Franklin Fold
19. Triangular Book
20. Four-Way Map Fold
21. Fishbone Fold
22. Tree Fold
23. Diagonal Pocket (here and here)
24. Booklet Fold Variations
25. Booklet Fold Star Pop-Up


Folded paper booksAlbums

26. Panorama Book
27. Spider Book
28. Piano Hinge
29. Piano Hinge Accordion




Folded paper enclosuresEnclosures

30. Button Pouch
31. Sling Fold
32. Telescoping Ziggurat
33. Star Box
34. School-Book Wrapper / with Pleat
35. Slip Cases with Partial and Full Sides
36. Self-Closing Wrapper


Oh, and have I mentioned that you should totally get the book?

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You are utterly amazing! Thank you for the eye candy!

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