The Art of the Fold: Enclosures

Sadly, this post is my last in the series detailing my journey through Hedi Kyle and Ulla Warchol‘s new book, The Art of the Fold: How to Make Innovative Books and Paper Structures. Today I’m highlighting the structures in the last chapter, Enclosures

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Time to get wrapped up in enclosures!

30. Button Pouch
This structure isn’t just restricted to housing buttons – you can use it for any thin, three-dimensional object. 
The first time I made it, I wasn’t successful at getting the holes to line up with the buttons on the insert card. I think a better approach might be to start by placing your objects on the pouch panel where the holes are cut and trace around them. After that, cut out the holes and use that panel as a template for placing the buttons on the insert. It seems easier to redo the insert than to recreate the whole pouch.

Button Pouch - folded paper enclosure

Button Pouch - folded paper enclosure

31. Sling Fold
This structure is so clever – it can open like a traditional book or with a gentle pull it can be opened up to raise arches, revealing new surfaces beneath them. Hedi recommends using Elephant Hide paper for this project and YES YES YES. This structure requires you to repeatedly thread and coax paper through slits, so you need something that can handle the abuse.

Sling Fold - folded paper book

Sling Fold - folded paper book

32. Telescoping Ziggurat
Yeah, I had to look up what a ziggurat is. Many thanks to Wikipedia: “A ziggurat is a type of massive stone structure built in ancient Mesopotamia. It has the form of a terraced compound of successively receding stories or levels.” This structure has lots of folds but the process for making it isn’t difficult. You work on two different strips of paper and attach them together at the end. You could easily keep going and make a super ginormous one.

Telescoping Ziggurat - folded paper book

33. Star Box
This one is like a tool roll up, but made out of paper. The box consists of four triangular compartments that come together to form a square when looked at from the side. The math geek in me needs to point out that this means that the compartments are all right triangles. I wish I could talk about math more in my daily life.

Star Box - folded paper enclosure

34. School-Book Wrapper / with Pleat
This project gives you two structures in one. The School-Book Wrapper is similar to the book covers you made with paper grocery bags when you were in school. It’s a quick way to give some extra protection to a book. I made one for my Blizzard Book. I ran into a problem with the instructions – on step 6, you’re told to fold the covers to line up with the spine folds. If you do that, the covers don’t fit properly (not wide enough). When you cut your starting sheet of paper, add in 1 spine thickness to the 4x width measurement – this will get your covers to fit correctly (confirmed by Ulla).

School-Book Wrapper - folded paper book enclosure

The School-Book Wrapper with Pleat is a variation of the first structure with an added pocket to tuck in a wraparound cover flap. I used my Fishbone Fold for the text block (this is a suggestion of Hedi’s in the book). I added pieces of cover weight paper to the rear “bones” to stiffen them up – this made it easier to insert them into the wrapper.

School-Book Wrapper with Pleat - folded paper book enclosure

35. Slip Cases with Partial and Full Sides
This one is another twofer – you can enclose your book in the partial-sided slipcase and then enclose the whole shebang in the full-sided version.

Hedi recommends using a soft textured paper for this project and I think that’s a good call. I used reversible Unryu which starts out a bit crunchy, but softens as you work with it. First I made a partial slipcase for my Crown Book. Once the partial slipcase was completed, I had to tease out its sides a bit until they fully covered the sides of the book. 

Slip Cases with Partial Sides - folded paper book enclosure

I made both partial and full-sided slipcases for my Blizzard Book. The three components all fit together quite nicely.

Slip Cases with Partial and Full Sides - folded paper book enclosures

36. Self-Closing Wrapper
This project is a nice way to end the book – it wasn’t very complicated and it felt like I got to make something that would give my Flag Book a hug. The structure has an integrated flap that tucks into a subtle pocket, making for a tidy and secure wrapper.

Self-Closing Wrapper - folded paper book enclosure

Self-Closing Wrapper - folded paper book enclosure

Many thanks to all of you who joined me on my folding adventures! I hope you find the book as enjoyable and informative as I do. And if you’ve been on the fence about getting a copy, get off the fence!

This thing is pure gold. C’mon, it’s HEDI KYLE.

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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