The Art of the Fold: Albums

This post is the sixth in a series detailing my adventures working through Hedi Kyle and Ulla Warchol‘s new book, The Art of the Fold: How to Make Innovative Books and Paper Structures. Today’s post focuses on the structures in chapter four, Albums. Only one more chapter after this!

If you’re new to my blog, then you should know that I’ve been posting my structure of the day on Instagram, so be sure to follow me there. You can click on the name of each structure below and you’ll be taken to its related post over there. No pressure though – as you can see by this post, I’m also writing roundups on my blog on a biweekly-ish basis.

Let’s jump into the albums!

26. Panorama Book
The first time I made this structure was in a workshop with Julie Chen at the Garage Annex School – she called it the Panel Book. Whatever you call it, this thing is bananas (in a good way). Not including the covers, this book is made from one sheet of paper. Through folding and cutting the accordion, you create hinges that allow panels to pivot. Use Elephant Hide paper (not actually made from elephants) for the accordion if you can get it – it’s durable and folds beautifully.

Panorama Book - folded paper book

27. Spider Book
I had wanted to learn how to make this structure after I saw a photo of it several years ago, but was unable to find directions. When I saw that the book was one of the included projects, I went NUTS. I am thrilled to have finally gotten it under my belt (totally worth the wait). Hedi recommends using key stock or other pre-made templates for scoring the pages. I decided to give my scoring board a try and it worked well.

Spider Book - folded paper book

28. Piano Hinge
One of the cool things about this structure is that it doesn’t require any adhesive – the magic is all in the hinge loops. If you like, you can laminate the cover papers together to help stabilize things. My construction is a bit wonky, so I think I’m going to go that route at some point. It’s definitely worth making models and testing out different papers with this structure – don’t commit to using something special in your stash until you know it will work.

Piano Hinge Book - folded paper book

29. Piano Hinge Accordion
I had never encountered this structure before now and I am so in love with it! It uses just one rod to facilitate its opening and closing. The pages are doubled up sheets of paper and mylar, creating pockets for content. I chose to add pieces from my collection of paper triangles. Doesn’t everyone save all of those little triangles that are created when you miter paper for gluing to bookboard?

Piano Hinge Accordion - folded paper book

I hope you enjoyed the Albums chapter of The Art of the Fold: How to Make Innovative Books and Paper Structures. The album is not dead!

Last stop, Enclosures!

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