Trip to Acadia Leather

Last week I was on vacation with my family at the stunning Acadia National Park. Ahhh…the beauty…the serenity…the leather supplier 2 hours away from where I was staying.

Yep, I made a mid-week visit to Acadia Leather, an overstock company offering leather processed in the United States. They operate under the umbrella of Tasman Industries. Tasman opened Acadia Leather as a way to serve independent makers looking for quality leather at affordable prices.

According to LinkedIn, Tasman is the world’s largest independent cattle hide processor. When I visited, I had no idea that they were such a big deal.

Here’s what the building looks like from the outside:

Acadia Leather in Hartland, Maine

That blue second story tunnel to the right of the building, – yep, I was in there. And it was hot.

I was given a tour by the awesome Scott Doyon – he really loves his employer. He did a good job of making me want to buy all the things.

The warehouse was stinky and all kinds of awesome.

Leather sign at Acadia Leather

I just can’t do this place justice with my pictures. So.many.piles. I secretly wanted to take a leather nap on one of those carts.

Hides at Acadia Leather

Hides at Acadia Leather

Oh, that purple!

Hides at Acadia Leather

So shiny!

I wandered all over that warehouse, making two separate rounds so I didn’t miss anything. I’m pretty sure I missed something.

Hides at Acadia Leather

Hides at Acadia Leather

Hides at Acadia Leather

Unfortunately, I had to make practical choices (blech) as the main reason for this buying trip was to get leather for my upcoming workshops. Check out the haul:

Rolls of leather hides

The rolls were all wrapped up in plastic to make it easier to transport. It didn’t really make a difference – the pack of rolls was so heavy that it was still hard to carry.

Rolls of leather hides

I bought nine skins total. Most of them were in the 18 – 20 square feet range. The fuchsia, green, yellow, black, and navy blue are all Pebbled Nappa – the weight is nice and I love the texture. 

I’m pretty sure that the light blue skin is White Blue Agave Easter Egg- Athens. The charcoal grey one above that is a mystery (who doesn’t love a good mystery?). I picked it out of an unlabeled miscellaneous pile.

Now that I’m home, I’m living in that place between “Oh no, what have I done?” and “Dammit! Why didn’t I get more?”

And also the place named “Where the hell am I storing all of this?”

I wholeheartedly recommend Acadia Leather for your leather happiness needs, so here’s what you should do right now – follow them on Instagram. They offer short-term deals just for their followers and the deals are insane. Like $2.50 – $3.00 per square foot insane. They also offer coupons for specific categories on their website.

By the way, I didn’t receive any compensation for offering my opinions here, other than returning to my lodging with a light leathery scent on my skin. 🙂

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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