1,000 Etsy sales!

Check out what snuck up on me the other day. I logged into my Etsy shop and found this message in my sidebar:

Screenshot of Etsy message

I couldn’t believe it. Then I visited my shop and saw this:

Screenshot of Etsy message

So there you have it – I’ve joined the 1,000 Sales Club. Which I just made up. Yay me!

In celebration of this milestone, I’m having a sale on all books in my Etsy shop – use coupon code 1000YAY to get 15% off your entire purchase of any journal, photo album, and/or guest book.

Screenshot of Blue Roof Designs Etsy shop

The sale is active now through Saturday July 21, 2018.

Thanks so much to everyone for supporting my work!

5 Responses to “1,000 Etsy sales!”

By Becky - 16 July 2018 Reply

Way to go, Elissa!

By Elissa - 16 July 2018 Reply

Thanks Becky!


By Allison Dennis - 16 July 2018 Reply

Blue Roof Designs | 1,000 Etsy sales!Congratulations Elissa, that sounds like a LOT OF BOOKS! You go Girl.

By Elissa - 16 July 2018 Reply

Allison –

I wish it were all books! I also sell photo corners and aluminum screw posts.


By Allison Dennis - 16 July 2018 Reply

That’s ok Elissa. ,,, it all counts in the Allison xxx

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