Shereen LaPlantz books on eBay!

Yesterday I was looking for Gocco supplies on eBay for no good reason. I do that sometimes. The truth is that I have such a big stockpile that if Armagoccoggedon ever came, I would probably be the last survivor.

The cool thing is that during my search, I discovered 2 copies of the handbound book Designing and Working with Gocco by Shereen LaPlantz. After I found that gem, I clearly had no choice but to go down the rabbit hole.

I found two more of her books, Innovative Bookbinding: Secret Compartments & Hidden Messages and Visual Guide to Type. These books are hard to come by, so if you’re in the market for any of them, I’d go for it. (FYI – I have no stake in the sale of these books).

Designing and Working with Gocco was produced in 1996 and is an open edition – I own signed copy #106. Oh yeah, I’ve got a copy. 🙂 

Handbound book by Shereen LaPlantz - Designing and Working with Gocco

The book has about a dozen-ish original Gocco prints where LaPlantz tests out different techniques, inks, and papers. If you’re a Gocco nerd, then this book is well worth the purchase. Here’s what’s available on eBay:

My signed copy of Innovative Bookbinding: Secret Compartments & Hidden Messages was produced in 1997 and is part of the second edition. It’s #290 out of 2,000 copies. Yep, I own this one too. 🙂

The copy that’s available on eBay was printed in green and mine is printed in brown, as you can see below:

Handbound book by Shereen LaPlantz - Innovative Bookbinding: Secret Compartments & Hidden Messages

The eBay listing indicates that the book is part of the first edition and is #758 out of 1,000 copies. I think it’s cool that LaPlantz did the reprint in a different color to differentiate between the two editions – at least that’s what I assume is true. Can you imagine printing a book in an edition of 1,000? 2,000? It makes my brain ache.

Innovative Bookbinding is really fun in that not only does it share different ways of hiding things in your books, but it also has several examples actually bound into the book. If the price tag doesn’t work for you, you can get a mass market version of the book on Lulu for $27.50. It doesn’t have the built-in structure examples, but it does have the written content, which is awesome.

Here’s how to get your hands on the handmade version:

The last book I found was Visual Guide to Type. I don’t have this one in my collection and after viewing some of the pages in the eBay listing, of course I want it now. It seems to focus on the fundamentals of designing with type – spacing, kerning, choosing a typeface, etc. I think this could be a great resource for working with letterpress. 

The book that’s for sale is #256 out of 500 copies. Here’s where to find it:

If you want to buy one of the books, today is a good day to do it – eBay is offering 15% off everything for today only (details here). Use coupon code PERFECTDAY at checkout.

If you get any of the books, I’d love to hear what you think of them!

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By Velma Bolyard - 29 June 2018 Reply

Hi Elissa!
How’s that wee bean doing? (meaning your beautiful girl—we always called our kids wee beans) I did it—went to Ebay and bought Shereen’s book, the one on pockets, etc.
Are you a Gocco lover? I have a bunch of Gocco tiny artists books made by Shu-Ju Wang. Would you have any interest in them?
Let me know, and I can unearth them and tell you what I have.
Cheers to out first real heat wave.

By Elissa - 29 June 2018 Reply

Velma –

Anna is great! We just came in from outside and she looks like a mad scientist, covered in sweat and sunblock (dang heat wave). She played at her water table while Wiggum drank out of it. It was gross. And sweet.

Note: Cute doggie outfit courtesy of Karen Hanmer.

Anna and Wiggum at the water table

Congrats on the book purchase! It didn’t take me long – I just caved and bought the type book. I made an offer (which was kind of ridiculous) and it was accepted! Between that and the coupon, it was a steal I couldn’t pass up.

Are you talking about Shu-Ju’s Pudding books? If so, I would so take you up on your generous offer? I have a bunch of them, but I’m missing some issues. Do you know how many issues were published?


By Velma Bolyard - 29 June 2018 Reply

I’ll check tomorrow when I’m in my house. Yay for all the Anna joy!

By Elissa - 29 June 2018 Reply

You are too good to me, Velma. 🙂


By Velma Bolyard - 30 June 2018 Reply

Hi Elissa, It looks like I have all the Pudding stuff up through and including issue 19. I have no idea if there were more, but it was fun to get them in the mail in the days when MY kiddos were wee beans.

I LOVE the fact that your Anna is dirty and wet and sweaty and all. SO important to be outside and in the dirt!

Let me know if you’re interested in the Puddings. I think I’d prefer to sell the lot, so that might not suit you. Let me know what you think.

By Elissa - 30 June 2018 Reply

Velma –

I’m going to send you an email. 🙂


By daria wilber - 29 June 2018 Reply


I love Shereen LaPlantz’s books. Not only was she a multifaceted artist she was able to communicate knowledge to others so clearly. I may have to look into the Gocco book. Now that we are pretty much set up here in Mérida I have plenty of time to develop new skills. (Okay, I still have curtains to make but they don’t count)

I happened on her Secret Compartments & Hidden Messages a few years ago by chance. It’s a treasure. I have one from the 1st edition, (green printing), #700/1000. It is an honor to own something she poured so much time, effort and love into.

Thanks for sharing your finds. I’m going to head over to e bay and see what’s up!


By Elissa - 30 June 2018 Reply

If you want more information about the Gocco book, let me know.

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