Happy 10th Blogiversary!

10th Blogiversary image

Wow. I have been blogging for ten years. How did that even happen?

During this past year, I have been suffering from Blogger’s Guilt. With the addition of Anna to our family, blogging on a regular basis has been hard.

Seriously. How am I supposed to get anything done with this face looking at me?


It’s not that I haven’t had anything to talk about, it’s just that my time has been focused on baby things. Believe it or not, my draft blog post count now stands at 120.


Screenshot of draft blog post count

When things slow down (hah!), I hope to get to that very long list of posts. As if I haven’t said that before. Maybe by the time you’re reading this post, I’ll already have finished those posts.

[insert wishful thinking here]

Regardless of whether or not I have been a recent poster, I have managed to last a decade. Woohoo!

So, it’s time to celebrate. In keeping with my custom of following the schedule of traditional and modern anniversary gifts, I will be giving myself something made of aluminum or tin.

Aside from getting myself some Altoids, the only other thing I could think of is a tin of Italian Coccoina paste – it’s acid-free and made from potato starch. I’ve never worked with it before, but I hear it smells amazing.

Tin of Coccoina paste

The cool thing about getting the paste is that it would pay homage to my book Rabbit Glue.

Meh. Anyone have any other suggestions?

10 Responses to “Happy 10th Blogiversary!”

By Diane J. Patmore - 4 April 2018 Reply

Congratulations! On both coming this far and on your Anna. Distractions quite understood.
I, too, am a little on the slack side. But still here.

By Elissa - 4 April 2018 Reply

Diane –

Thanks for the kind words.

The fact is that sometimes life comes first. My heart knows that better than my brain. 🙂


By Allison Dennis - 4 April 2018 Reply

Congratulations Elissa, Ten years is quite an achievement. Anyone checking out you posts will be kept busy for a while so don’t feel guilty and enjoy this amazing time with Anna, it will fly by all too fast.

By Elissa - 4 April 2018 Reply

Allison –

Hey there! Good to see you here. 🙂

Yep, Anna hours are not regular hours. It has gone by very quickly – I can’t believe she’ll be 1 in just a couple of months. She’s growing into more of a person-sized person every day.


By Daria Wilber - 4 April 2018 Reply

Congratulations on 10 years! Anna looks like she’s a serious task master! Too cute!

By Elissa - 4 April 2018 Reply

Daria –

She is so the boss of me and she knows it.


By jason.lemieux - 4 April 2018 Reply

Heya congrats on making it 10 years!!!!!! That draft list is epic.

We hope to see you all sometime soon down south. Be well and hi to Anna!

By Elissa - 4 April 2018 Reply

Jason –

I totally remember that conversation we had when I told you I wanted a blog on my website. You said, “Let’s see if you can blog for a year, then we’ll do it.”

So there.


By Amy - 17 April 2018 Reply

Congratulations on ten years and on following your heart! <3

By Elissa - 22 April 2018 Reply

Thanks Amy!


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