Cut sheets calculator

I just discovered the most awesome resource!

I was checking out the newest papers at Paper Mojo when I noticed this little icon beneath one of the paper swatches:

Paper Mojo Cut Sheet Calculator icon

So I click on it and I’m brought to the following page:

Paper Mojo's Cut Sheet Calculator

It’s a Cut Sheet Calculator!

I’m totally nerding out over this (and it’s probably been there forever). When trying to figure out how much paper to buy for a project, I usually do these calculations by hand but now I don’t have to. No more thinking – just plug in the numbers and whhheeeee!!!

One caveat: The calculator automatically takes into account a 0.5″ trim off all edges of the paper. This is because many handmade papers have deckled edges and if you want your final pieces to be clean-cut, you have to address the inconsistency.

Thanks Paper Mojo!

Many thanks to Paper Mojo for granting permission for me to take screenshots of their website.

8 Responses to “Cut sheets calculator”

By daria wilber - 8 January 2018 Reply

I found one if these a few years ago when prepping for a Zhen Xian Bao class I was teaching. It saved tons if time and headaches!!

By Elissa - 9 January 2018 Reply

Daria –

Lack of headaches = good. Now if I could just find a tool to perform the actual hands-on cutting for me (while I lounge)…


By daria wilber - 9 January 2018 Reply

HA! If you could find someone to do the cutting you could rule the world!!

By Elissa - 12 January 2018 Reply

[cue evil laugh]


By Penne - 8 January 2018 Reply

Cool, thanks for that useful tip, and Happy New Year!

By Elissa - 9 January 2018 Reply

Penne –

Happy new year to you as well!

See you soon (maybe with Anna). 🙂


By Amy - 9 January 2018 Reply

Très cool!

By Elissa - 9 January 2018 Reply



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