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Update 10/15/18: Sadly, Paper Mojo has closed its web doors. I have removed links in this post that are no longer valid. The link to the calculator is still working as of today.

I just discovered the most awesome resource!

I was checking out the newest papers at Paper Mojo when I noticed this little icon beneath one of the paper swatches:

Paper Mojo Cut Sheet Calculator icon

So I click on it and I’m brought to the following page:

Paper Mojo's Cut Sheet Calculator

It’s a Cut Sheet Calculator!

I’m totally nerding out over this (and it’s probably been there forever). When trying to figure out how much paper to buy for a project, I usually do these calculations by hand but now I don’t have to. No more thinking – just plug in the numbers and whhheeeee!!!

One caveat: The calculator automatically takes into account a 0.5″ trim off all edges of the paper. This is because many handmade papers have deckled edges and if you want your final pieces to be clean-cut, you have to address the inconsistency.

Thanks Paper Mojo!

Many thanks to Paper Mojo for granting permission for me to take screenshots of their website.

10 Responses to “Cut sheets calculator”

By daria wilber - 8 January 2018 Reply

I found one if these a few years ago when prepping for a Zhen Xian Bao class I was teaching. It saved tons if time and headaches!!

By Elissa - 9 January 2018 Reply

Daria –

Lack of headaches = good. Now if I could just find a tool to perform the actual hands-on cutting for me (while I lounge)…


By daria wilber - 9 January 2018 Reply

HA! If you could find someone to do the cutting you could rule the world!!

By Elissa - 12 January 2018 Reply

[cue evil laugh]


By Penne - 8 January 2018 Reply

Cool, thanks for that useful tip, and Happy New Year!

By Elissa - 9 January 2018 Reply

Penne –

Happy new year to you as well!

See you soon (maybe with Anna). 🙂


By Amy - 9 January 2018 Reply

Très cool!

By Elissa - 9 January 2018 Reply



By Jade Quek - 15 October 2018 Reply

Hi Elissa – Just wanted to let you know that although Paper Mojo is no more as of Sep 30, 2018, their cut sheet calculator appears to live on here – However if that stops working below are a few more sites:

I hope this helps! – Jade

By Elissa - 15 October 2018 Reply

Jade –

Thanks so much for those links! I have updated the post to reflect Paper Mojo’s passing. 🙁


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