Editions – a coworking space for Seattle book artists

Sarah Mottaghinejad of Ink and Awl is establishing a coworking space for Seattle book artists – Editions (great name). It sounds like it’s going to be an amazing place – as a renter, you not only get access to equipment, but also to consumables like glue, thread, and ink.

She already has everything she needs to get it going right now, except for an etching press. And that’s where her Kickstarter comes in – Sarah hopes to raise $6,000.00 by October 30th so that she can purchase a press.

She’s got really cool rewards available for backers, like linoprints, custom letterpressed business cards, and a seat in one (or more) of her classes. And the bookbinder’s patchawesome.

Bookbinders Patch by Ink and Awl

She’s a bit more than halfway to her goal with just two weeks to go. You just know you want in on this.

You can learn more about the project by watching the video below.

You can also follow Sarah on Instagram to learn more about her work and the evolution of Editions.

2 Responses to “Editions – a coworking space for Seattle book artists”

By Velma Bolyard - 15 October 2017 Reply

elissa, i met sarah last summer when she took my shifu class–she is a powerhouse of energy and intelligence and is making her vision happen. thank you for reminding me about her and her new kickstarter project!

By Elissa - 20 October 2017 Reply

Velma –

I agree – Sarah is a book arts dynamo. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for her.


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