Adios 2016!

Confession time – I get really cranky this time of year. There’s just something about the time between Christmas and New Year’s – why doesn’t it go faster? I’m ready for next year!

This period of time is informally known as Elissa Reflects and Beats Herself up for All the Things She Didn’t Get Done This Year. It’s not as fun as it sounds.

For example, I have 81 half-written draft blog posts (including a bunch about my Japan trip). I’m not exaggerating – here’s the proof:

Draft blog posts screen shot

Just how in the fart does that happen?

And don’t get me started on the piles of unfinished books in my studio. And then there’s this and that, and blah, blah, blah. Crab, crab, crab. My mind can really be an endless source of ick.

Imagine my surprise when I had a magical happy moment earlier this week. I decided to stop moping and instead look at all of the cool stuff that happened this year.

I’ve never been good at this, so I decided to start by making myself a motivational poster:

Shut up brain - motivational poster

Well that did the trick! Here’s my top ten list:

  1. I went to Japan. And bought a whole mess of paper. And saw it being made. And got forced into karaoke.
  2. I attended the Movable Book Society conference in Boston (that was on my bucket list)
  3. I attended the Wells Book Arts Summer Institute (also on my bucket list – 2017 registration open now)
  4. I took a class with Karen Hanmer (this woman is a master of everything)
  5. I went to Chena River Marblers for their end-of-year sale
  6. I visited with Vamp and Tramp Booksellers at the University of Vermont
  7. I exhibited work at the Burlington Book Festival
  8. I presented at the T.W. Wood Art Camp
  9. I learned how to make the Chinese Sewing Box in a workshop with Erin Sweeney
  10. I WENT TO JAPAN (okay, maybe that’s cheating, but it was such a wonderful trip)

I have to admit that 2016 was a damn cool year. I guess I shouldn’t be in such a rush to end it. Perhaps this end-of-year reflection should become a yearly thing…

Do any of you do an annual self audit? If so, I’d love to hear what you’ve done this year! Show me your list in the comments below.

9 Responses to “Adios 2016!”

By daria wilber - 31 December 2016 Reply

Oh wow, My dear, you are a total slacker. I’m not sure I can follow you any more. Hahaha.

I feel the same way at the end of every year…but look, tomorrow’s another day, (and year)!!!!!

By Elissa - 1 January 2017 Reply

Daria –

Woohoo – it’s finally here! Wishing you an awesome 2017. 🙂


By John - 31 December 2016 Reply

Sounds like you had a nice year. May 2017 be better. Happy New Year.

By Elissa - 1 January 2017 Reply

John –

Thanks! And a happy new year to you as well.


By Amy - 1 January 2017 Reply

Happy New Year Elissa!

And congrats on making this list –

I love your blog. It was fab even without those 81 other posts. Either you’ll get to them sometime, or they were never meant to be 🙂 Thanks for all the hard work and sharing you do! <3 Amy

By Elissa - 5 January 2017 Reply

Amy –

I was so surprised to see my blog on that list! I’m in such talented company.

And thanks so much for your kind words – you’re a peanut!


By Amy - 1 February 2017 Reply

You’re welcome! And they are in good company, too 😉

By deb - 2 January 2017 Reply

I decided to do a year end studio review this year, my biggest discovery was that i am awful and staying in touch with all the people in my art world. So I am making a resolution to try and do better at that.
You should have included writing your blog, which is a great resource for so many of us! Happy new year!

By Elissa - 5 January 2017 Reply

Deb –

I’m right there with you – I struggle with talking about my work as well. I often find myself wondering if something I’m making is even worth talking about. That inner critic really sucks.

Good luck with your efforts!


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