Dream job – G. F Smith’s Paper Consultants

As is my way, I was in the midst of an unfocused internet browse when I encountered the G.F. Smith website. Originating in London, the company has been supplying creative industries with paper for over 130 years. To say that they’re just a paper distributor is simply not okay.

Check out their Founding Legacy

G.F. Smith Founding Legacy

Damn, I like these guys.

And damn, I wish I could work for them – they’ve got Paper Consultants on staff. Check out the description of this dream job below:

G.F. Smith Paper Consultant job description


If you live in England and happen to be in the neighborhood of either London or Hull, you can make a Paper Appointment. Actually, you must make a Paper Appointment.

And report back.

With pictures.

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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