Penland 2017 spring session

Trees with Penland School of Crafts text

If you’re itching to do some learning next year, check out Penland – they’ve got an amazing lineup of book arts workshops and instructors for their 2017 spring session. Look and drool:

During Session 2 (April 9 – 15), Erin Keane is teaching Encaustic Books: Wax, Paper, Thread:

Wax nostalgic, wax poetic, wax philosophical, and wax creative. We’ll explore the use of encaustic painting in the creation of books and journals. Thin wood panels will be transformed into richly-layered and textured book covers. Papers infused with beeswax, imagery, and words will become journal pages, and these pages will be bound into tactile, tantalizing books. Daily demonstrations in encaustic, journaling, and bookbinding (Coptic/longstitch) will guide experimentation. Your books can be thematic, conceptual, or simply full of creative meanderings.

Dang, encaustic is cool – the depth you can create on a 2-dimensional surface is insane. This workshop would be a creative departure for me.

During Session 3 (April 23 – 29), Bhavna Mehta is teaching Cut, Fold, Sculpt:

The flatness of paper will serve as an inviting platform for the transformation of ideas. Students will explore cutting, folding, sewing, and manipulating paper. We will begin with simple exercises that will start to expand the medium of paper into objects and stories. Paying attention to color, shape, pattern, and texture, students will learn to take an idea, drawing, or story and translate it into paper using various cutting techniques, with an emphasis on the personal and the collaborative. We’ll discuss contemporary works and paper as a hot design medium.

I am totally in love with papercutting and this workshop would be a dream. Just look at Bhavna’s work – holy crap.

For the Spring Concentration (March 12 – May 5), Anne Covell is teaching Image as Narrative: Letterpress & the Artist’s Book:

This workshop will examine the material connection between image and narrative. Through experimenting with alternative print techniques on the Vandercook, we’ll investigate how mood and tone can be expressed through image and the sequencing of images. We’ll cover printing from found objects, collographs, carved surfaces, pressure print templates, and plates made from handmade negatives, just to name a few. Our experiments will be editioned and traded. Then we’ll move from two dimensions to three as we explore the interplay between image and structure through the creation of handprinted artists’ books. Binding options will include traditional book structures as well as movable and sculptural books.

Anne’s got skills. I wouldn’t mind hanging with her for eight weeks. Check out her beautiful artist book, Raking Light – it makes me nostalgic for Japan.

Registration is open now. Applications are processed on a first-come/first-served basis.

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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