Weston Craft Show recap

This year marked my 4th with the Weston Craft Show. The show is held at the super-funky Weston Playhouse.

Weston Playhouse, Weston, Vermont

All three floors of the building are used by artists to present their work – every nook and cranny is used. Most of the aforementioned crannies are bedrooms used by the playhouse’s resident actors during the summer months. 

After the last three years, it seems I have earned the title of Last One to Set Up. I always try to get there earlier in the day, but it just never seems to happen. I was happy that I had the same booth as last year – I figured that this would make set up go faster.

Mmm, no. The fact is that I’m just slow with set up when it’s late. Boo.

Welcome to Elissa’s booth set up in three pictures.

Empty craft show space at Weston Craft Show

8:47 p.m.

Blue Roof Designs craft show booth at Weston Craft Show

11:14 p.m.

Blue Roof Designs craft show booth at Weston Craft Show

1:08 a.m.

Yeah, I was up until 1:00 a.m. setting up. I was one tired monkey, but I got ‘er done.

I was so psyched to be reunited with my roomie from last year, Julia Emilo (she makes gourd ornaments). She is I would like to put her in my pocket and take her to all of my shows to be my booth neighbor. It would be awesome. For me, at least.

Here I present evidence of Julia’s coolness. On the first day of the show, she offered me a silver standard poodle ornament, an homage to my sweet Wiggum.

Silver standard poodle gourd ornament by Julia Emilo


I mentioned how cool it would be if the ornament were missing a leg (Wiggum is a tripawd). Well, Julia took the ornament home with her and the next day, gave me this:

Custom silver standard tripawd poodle gourd ornament by Julia Emilo

What?!? A silver tripawd standard poodle ornament! This woman is just beyond cool. That’s totally Wiggum in gourd form. I adore it.

I love the Weston show so much. Everyone is super-friendly – it’s like being in a hug for three days. And I know I mentioned it last year, but I have to say it again – Cookie Time. Every day at 2:00 p.m. The only thing that would make it better is if they had a nap room.

And then next thing you know, it’s all over. Sadness.

Thankfully, breaking down and packing up goes much faster than setting up.

Breaking down the Blue Roof Designs craft show booth at Weston Craft Show

In 2.5 hours, the room looks like this (Julia is long gone at this point):

Empty room at the Weston Craft Show

Thanks Weston for another great show – see you next year!

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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