Shelves of handmade papers at Kamiji Kakimoto, Kyoto

So I just got back from Japan yesterday.

Sorry that I wasn’t more up front about the timing of my trip. I’m one of those people who isn’t comfortable revealing travel plans online, especially when my house is being left unoccupied. It’s tough for me to exist in that intersection of social media and safety.

I spent a lot of my trip fighting the urge to post pictures on Instagram.

That said, I have so much to share with you.

I loved Japan. It’s that simple. The place is magical. The people are beyond friendly (and polite and kind and generous).

I’ve got at least a dozen blog posts cued up. This is going to be an extensive blog journey.

At this point, I have to admit that I suck at history. I wish I were one of those people who remembers the specifics of how things happened and why. The fact is that when it comes to some of the details about my trip, I going to have to do research.

What I can say is that I’m great at remembering how things felt. I really hope to convey the sense of excitement and how full my heart was when visiting Japan. The love I now have for this country runs deep.

So let’s start here – my itinerary of craziness.

Yeah, that list was completely unrealistic (but I already knew that). My poor husband spent way too much time sitting on chairs, looking at his phone while I shopped. To tip the scales, he did rope me into one especially evil hike, so I consider us even.

Here’s the recap of what did happen:




My blog posts will be written in the order in which we visited each location (Tokyo > Echizen > Kyoto).

By the way, if you’re interested in having your own Japanese experience, feel free to contact me about any of the places I’ve been. I’m more than happy to give you the specifics of where we slept, what we ate, and who we met. My itinerary is totally accessible, I have no secrets.

Welcome to my adventure!

9 Responses to “Japlotzing”

By daria wilber - 23 June 2016 Reply

Welcome home!! I can’t wait to dig through your lists and read about your adventures!

By Elissa - 23 June 2016 Reply

Daria –

Thanks! I can’t believe how many blog posts this is going to be…several weeks, at least.


By daria wilber - 23 June 2016 Reply

Elissa, Fabulous!!! I will enjoy every one of them! dww

By Lucinda - 23 June 2016 Reply

So cool! Looking forward to your posts about your travels (and paper acquisition I’m assuming).

By Elissa - 23 June 2016 Reply

Lucinda –

Oh yeah, there was major paper acquisition!

I know there’s at least 50 sheets (not all full size) – I haven’t done the final tally yet.


By Liz - 23 June 2016 Reply

I can’t wait to read your posts . How much paper did you get?

By Elissa - 23 June 2016 Reply

Liz –

There’s at least 50 sheets – I don’t have a final count yet.

You have the benefit of living nearby – you should totally come over and check out my loot! So.much.paper.


By Amy - 1 July 2016 Reply

Welcome back! I’m looking forward to your posts – you write so well it takes me there 🙂

By Elissa - 1 July 2016 Reply

Amy –

Thanks Amy!

I have so many blog posts coming – it will take me more than a month to document all of it.


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